The city of the Magyar, or Hungary and her institutions in 1839-40

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Page 152 - ... preliminary ceremony of payment. ' The tollkeeper handled the supposed delinquent with some roughness, as he demanded his fee ; but the boy stood his ground stoutly, and asserted his free right of passage as a nobleman ! The belligerent party pointed to the heelless shoes and ragged jerkin of the culprit, and smiled in scorn. The lad for all reply bade him remove his hand from his collar, and let him pass at his peril ; and the tone was so assured in which he did so, that the tollkeeper became...
Page 278 - ... keep the word of promise to the ear, and break it to the hope" — we have presumed to court the assistance of the friends of the drama to strengthen our infant institution.
Page 150 - There is no country under heaven where nobility is at so low a par ; or rather perhaps I should say, on so unequal a basis ; and I was so much amused by the classification lately bestowed on it by a humorous friend of mine, to whom I had frankly declared my inability to disentangle its mazes, that I will give it in his own words. ' ' The nobility of Hungary are of three orders — the mighty, the moderate, and the miserable — the Esterhazys, the Batthyanyis, and id...
Page 153 - The respectably clad and comfortablelooking functionary loosed his hold in a moment, and the offending hand as it released the collar of the captive, lifted his hat, while he poured out his excuses for an over-zeal, arising from his ignorance of the personal identity of this young scion of an illustrious house, who was magnanimously pleased to accept the apology, and to raise his own dilapidated cap in testimony of his greatness of soul, as he walked away in triumph. Cruikshank would have had food...
Page 40 - I carried away a delightful recollection of its ensemble, 1 was not in the slightest degree disappointed on a longer look. The contrast between the two shores, linked together by a bridge of boats upwards of twelve hundred feet in length, is peculiarly striking ; on one side imperial Buda, the original and ancient capital, spreads stern and still, clasping the dark heights with houses and convents, clothing their sides with...
Page 151 - UK omne are the capital of the column — the shaft is built of the less wealthy and influential ; and the base (and a very substantial one it is,) is a curious congeries of small landholders, herdsmen, vinegrowers, waggoners, and pig-drivers. Nay, you may be unlucky enough to get a nemes as a servant, and this is the most unhappy dilemma of all, for you cannot solace yourself by beating him when he offends you, as he is protected by his privileges ! and he appeals to the Court of the Comitat for...
Page 102 - Nevertheless, she did have a child," says the man who spoke before ; " and though you may not believe it, she was one of the most beautiful women I ever saw in my life.
Page 10 - ... reached. And as it wore by, every half-hour added to the devastation around them; houses and buildings which had survived the first shock, seemed to have been preserved only to add to the horrors of that day ; many of them fell and perished from roof to base ; others became rent by the heavy dashing of the waters, and through the yawning apertures the wasting tide poured in, and ruined all it touched ; while to add to the confusion, in some quarters of the city the heavy barges which had been...
Page 191 - It is two miles and a half in length, and half a mile broad, but nearly interlefted by a peninfula from each fide jutting far into the lake.
Page 10 - ... his hand by a power against which the strongest contends in vain ; the philosopher, who in all his abstraction had found no preparative for so hideous a death as this — the mother, whose hope had withered as her babe died upon her bosom, and who clung to life rather from instinct than volition ; the fond, the beautiful, the delicately nurtured — all were huddled together during that fearful day, upon the narrow spaces scattered over the town and suburbs, which the water had not yet reached....

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