The Works of Lucian of Samosata: Complete with Exceptions Specified in the Preface, Volume 4

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Page 120 - forth signs and wonders to my company. The skins were creeping, and the flesh bellowing upon the spits, both the roast and raw, and there was a sound as
Page 114 - All business, be it public or private, is forbidden during the feast days, save such as tends to sport and solace and delight. Let none follow their avocations saving cooks and bakers. All men shall be equal, slave and free, rich and poor, one with another. Anger, resentment, threats, are contrary to law. During the feast days, no man shall be called to account
Page 221 - an annual tribute of seven youths and seven maidens, to be devoured by the Minotaur, the
Page 194 - The narrative of Lucian would appear to be a mere romance, were it not confirmed by some medals of Antoninus and M. Aurelius
Page 169 - he has for a temple, an oracle, or a priest ? As for the ibises and monkeys and goats and worse absurdities that are bundled in upon us, goodness knows how, from Egypt, I am ashamed to speak of them; nor do I understand how you, gentlemen, can endure to see such creatures enjoying a prestige equal
Page 114 - No discourse shall be either composed or delivered, except it be witty and lusty, conducing to mirth and jollity.
Page 92 - As for me, I saw nothing much in his appealing to his mother's Gods, but when he included his father's in the invocation, I laughed outright; it reminded me of the parricide
Page 217 - the form of a swan. She produced two eggs, from one of which came Pollux and Helen,
Page 181 - Ly. Are you the man whose scent is so keen for a blunder, and who is himself blunder-proof ? Pur. I think I may say so. Ly. I suppose one must be blunder-proof, to detect the man who is not so ? Pur. Assuredly. Ly. Do I understand that you are proof ? Pur. How could I call myself educated, if I made blunders at my age

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