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Although this work is wonderful in it's historical content, and gives an insight into the workings of the minds of the Military Leaders during the War; The issue I have is the same as I have seen on nearly every digitized book.
In this book page 47 and 48, (Thumbs); page 54 (smear); 66-67 (5 pages of illustration? and one of text); page 98 (folded page); 86-86 (smeared and folded, text and illustration), 116-117 (smeared illustration, partially blocked page); 136-137 (folded); 138 (offscreen); 142 (offscreen); and nearly the entire last third of the book with pages 207, 224, and 228 being prime examples.
(Note, these are the actual page numbers of the book, not the computerized references which are usually different.)
I applaud the effort to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." according to Google's 'mission' statement, but without better quality control, or at least some way to request the botched up pages, I think they are falling substantially short of the goal.

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