Chronicles of the Cochrans: Being a Series of Historical Events and Narratives, in which Members of this Family Have Played a Prominent Part, Volume 1

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Stoneman Press Company, 1915 - 148 pages
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Page 47 - Gentlemen, Ministers, Farmers, and Tradesmen, Commissionate and appoint our trusty and well beloved friend, the Reverend Mr. William Boyd, of Macasky, to His Excellency, the Right Honorable Collonel Samuel Suitte, Governour of New England...
Page 97 - ... require some assistance, which being withheld, are languishing and must suffer. I flatter myself you have no blame in this matter ; but curse on him or them by whom this evil is produced. The vengeance of an offended Deity must overtake the miscreants sooner or later. It grieves my soul to see the poor worthy brave fellows pine away for want of a few comforts, which they have dearly earned. I shall wait on his Excellency the...
Page 53 - These certificates, together with the surveyor's plan, were sent to the land office of the state, where they laid six months, to await any caveat which might be offered. If none was offered the patent then issued. There was, at an early period of our settlements, an inferior kind of land title denominated a tomahawk right...
Page 54 - Semple's,* who keeps a very good house of public entertainment. The houses, which are built of logs, and ranged in streets, are on the Monongahela, and I suppose may be about twenty in number, and inhabited by Indian traders.
Page 47 - Governour of New England, and to assure His Excellency of our sincere and hearty Inclination to Transport ourselves to that very excellent and renowned Plantation upon our obtaining from His Excellency suitable incouragement. And further to act and Doe in our Names as his prudence shall direct. Given under our hands this 26th day of March, Anno Dom. 1718.
Page 97 - ... Commander-in-Chief, and represent our situation, but I am persuaded it can have little effect, for what can he do ? He may refer the matter to Congress, they to the Medical Committee, who will probably pow-wow over it awhile, and no more be heard of it. The few stores sent on by Dr. Bond in your absence have not yet arrived.
Page 26 - Besides these materials, it would be necessary to have, say, as much bituminous coal and a couple of thousand barrels of gas, or other tar, for the purpose of masking fortifications to be attacked, or others that flank the assailing positions. A quantity of dry firewood, chips, shavings, straw, hay, or other such combustible materials would...
Page 96 - Dr. John Cochrane was born in 1730, received a careful education, and finished his medical studies before the breaking out of the French war in 1755. Entering the army as surgeon's mate, he left the service at the close of that war with the character of a skillful and experienced practitioner. In 1776 he offered his services as a volunteer in the hospital department of the American army, and being personally known and admired by Washington, was shortly appointed physician and surgeon-general in the...
Page 26 - 'Materials required for the expulsion of the Russians from Sebastopol: Experimental trials have shown that about five parts of coke effectually vaporize one part of sulphur. Mixtures for land service, where weight is of importance, may, however, probably be suggested by Professor Faraday, as to operations on shore I have paid little attention. Four or five hundred tons of sulphur and two thousand tons of coke would be sufficient. " 'Besides these materials, it would be necessary to have, say, as...
Page 110 - THE hours I spent with thee, dear heart, Are as a string of pearls to me; I count them over, every one apart, My rosary. Each hour a pearl, each pearl a prayer, To still a heart in absence wrung; I tell each bead unto the end and there A cross is hung.

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