The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted

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Apple-Book-Candle, Dec 10, 2019 - 28 pages
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A hero is not always someone big and powerful. Regardless of how small you are, you can make a massive difference in the world. All that matters is the size of your heart.

Folotjing is a tiny elfin creature of the forest who lives inside an ancient magical tree. This is the story of his adventure in the deep, dark woods when he encounters terrifying beasts that want to eat him. But through his wisdom and the kindness of his heart, he helps them realize the error of their ways and eventually earn their friendship. It shows that compassion is its own reward and that kindness begets a chain of itself.

Folotjing is a true hero despite his size, someone who is brave, kindhearted, and chooses to do the right thing, especially in the face of great difficulty and danger.

How do I pronounce Folotjing?

fall-law-t-jing with the (t) or fall-law-jing without the (t), either way, is correct.

Note to Parents:

For children under the age of seven years old, I kindly suggest that parents assist their child in reading the book. This book contains big words that might be beyond their comprehension, such as magnificent, humility, mending, bullying, and terrorizing, to name a few.

Reading this book to a child opens up a conversation between parents/guardians and children. It presents a valuable opportunity to encourage children to ask meaningful questions and instill a sense of empathy for others going through difficult times. You may also take this chance to explore other subjects that may branch out due to the dialogue.

The story of Folotjing is mainly about compassion and forgiveness and all other virtues that intertwine with love. Folotjing shows that courage fueled by kindness is a potent formula to change the world around us. He demonstrates that no matter how small we are, it's the size of our hearts that matters.

Folotjing shows us to be compassionate to the needs of others, that when faced with a fork in the road, we choose the path to kindness.

The trap and the fish bone are symbols, demonstrating that danger can come from the least expected places and things. But help is always near those who possess the humility to ask for it and accept it graciously when received.

Folotjing teaches us to be compassionate to the needs of others, that when faced with a fork in the road, we choose the path to kindness.

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Reviews aren't verified, but Google checks for and removes fake content when it's identified
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Reviewed by Jessica Barbosa for Readers' Favorite
The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted is a children’s book by Rio N. Cortez. The story focuses on a small, plump
Dwendi named Folotjing who lives in a tree and is as fragrant as a mango. He plays and prepares for winter like a good Dwendi but often gets into trouble because of his small and vulnerable size. He attracts predators and trouble because of his tiny stature, but maybe everything will turn out all right in the end, because Folotjing is brave and smart, but most of all, he is kind.
The Magnificent Adventures of Folotjing - The Brave and Kindhearted is a well-intended, adorable, and wonderfully drawn and written book by Rio. N Cortez. The illustrations are colorful and they definitely caught my eye. Cortez’s illustrations are sure to attract and entertain its target audience. I found it to be a visually appealing book that has many important lessons to be learned. The story itself is short, to the point, and very sweet. Folotjing is easily captured because of his height and size but he makes up for it by being sharp, brave, and oh-so-kind.
We have learned in life that it is not easy to forgive someone who means to cause you harm and Cortez skillfully presents this dilemma in a short but concise way. When Folotjing hesitates before helping the bear, I sympathized with him. It is realistic and smart to stop and think first before you head back into possible danger, but even though the bear first intended to do harm on the small Dwendi, Folotjing still goes back to help him anyway. Folotjing’s actions teach me the importance of a good heart. I think this book is outstanding because it managed to convey such important lessons in two short stories. Truly a marvelous work, good job!

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Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite
The Magical Adventures of Folotjing – The Brave and Kindhearted is a fantastically whimsical picture book written for children, and it was penned and
illustrated by author Rio N. Cortez. Focusing on plot themes such as the power of kindness, mind over matter, and the true nature of heroic acts, this is an engaging read with high levels of visual stimulation in its gorgeous accompanying artwork. Folotjing is a dwendi, a creature from Filipino folklore who is tiny and magical, and whom only children can see. In this adventure, which takes place in a dark forest, our little friend shows immense bravery and wins the day through kindness despite the dangers he faces.
Author and illustrator Rio N. Cortez has created an utterly delightful story from start to finish with the immersive and truly beautiful stories of Folotjing. The sweet little dwendi is charming, both in the colorful and sepia-toned pages of the picture book and in the lovingly crafted poetic verses and dialogue where he shows his incredible kindness. The moment with the wolf melted my heart from the off. There is a rhyme scheme that keeps the readability flowing for younger, accompanied readers to the book, but it also never interferes with the language usage and the scheme changes to fit different moments of the story. Deceptively complex in its creation, this gives each moment of the tale a different atmospheric feel whilst also staying simple enough for younger readers to access it. Overall, The Magical Adventures of Folotjing – The Brave and Kindhearted is an unmissable picture book that every child should own.

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About the author (2019)

Hi! My name is Rio N. Cortez, and I'm a children's book author, illustrator, husband, and father. I am a firm believer that whatever we set our heart and mind to dream and believe, we have the power to achieve. Sometimes, all it takes is the courage to leap. You never know you can fly until you jump.Family time is the highlight of my day, a time to recharge, get comfortable and simply be myself. I bask in the comforting laughter of my wife and children. The best time for me to write colorful stories and create fantastic drawings that breathe life into my characters is at this moment of divine inspiration.The essence of my books derives from my own true-life experiences. My mother's love was the hand that planted the seed of creativity in my soul that inspired my books to sprout. I am blessed with family and friends whose support elevates me to reach new heights. My wife and children are my anchor and compass, keeping me grounded and never losing my way home.May you enjoy reading my books as much as I've relished writing and illustrating them for you. Always be brave, listen to your heart, and believe in yourself - and your dreams will materialize on their own.

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