Seneca's Tragedies, Volume 1

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W. Heinemann, 1917 - Latin drama (Tragedy)
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Page 258 - Venient annis saecula seris, quibus Oceanus vincula rerum laxet, et ingens pateat tellus, Tethysque novos detegat orbes nee sit terris ultima Thule.
Page 519 - He who, though near to death, still keeps some feeble life, may freely now draw concipiat. ite, ferte depositis opem ; mortifera mecum vitia terrarum extraho. violenta Fata et horridus Morbi tremor, Maciesque et atra Pestis et rabidus Dolor, 1060 mecum ite, mecum. ducibus his uti libet!
Page 540 - Dost thou weep, My son? Hast thou a sense of thy ill fate? Why dost thou clasp me with thy hands, why hold My robes, and shelter thee beneath my wings, Like a young bird? No more my Hector comes, Returning from the tomb; he grasps no more His glittering spear, bringing protection to thee.
Page 252 - Audax nimium qui freta primus rate tam fragili perfida rupit terrasque suas post terga videns animam levibus credidit auris, dubioque secans aequora cursu CREON For treachery thou art seeking time.
Page 569 - PHILOSOPHIAE. Trans, by the Rev. HF Stewart and EK Rand. (2nd Impression.) CAESAR: CIVIL WARS. Trans, by AG Peskett. (3rd Impression.) CAESAR: GALLIC WAR. Trans, by HJ Edwards.
Page 244 - Difficile quam sit animum ab ira flectere iam concitatum, quamque regale hoc putet, sceptris superbas quisquis admovit manus, qua coepit, ire, regia didici mea.
Page 114 - Quem locum profugus petam? ubi me recondam quave tellure obruar? quis Tanais aut quis Nilus aut quis Persica violentus unda Tigris aut Rhenus ferox Tagusve Hibera turbidus gaza fluens 1325 abluere dextram poterit?
Page 542 - Reply, and to thy charge my pleas oppose, 'Gainst thee my charge. She first, then, to these ills Gave birth, when she gave Paris birth ; and next The aged Priam ruined Troy and thee, The infant not destroying, at his birth Denounced a baleful firebrand. Hear from thence What followed. 'Twixt the rival goddesses Paris was judge. From Pallas was his meed To lead the Phrygian arms, and conquer Greece ; From Juno, if to her his voice adjudged The prize, to hold o'er Asia and the bounds Of Europe his...
Page 346 - Phoebeae facis oculi nihil gentile nee patrium micant. 880 lacrimae cadunt per ora et assiduo genae rore irrigantur, qualiter Tauri iugis tepido madescunt imbre percussae nives.
Page 116 - Tagusve Hibera turbidus gaza fluens abluere dextram poterit? Arctoum licet Maeotis in me gelida transfundat mare et tota Tethys per meas currat manus, haerebit altum facinus.

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