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Public Archives, 1895 - Archives
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Page vii - Good old plan, That he should take who has the power, And he should keep who can,'
Page xv - Majesty, in full right, Canada, with all its dependencies, as well as the Island of Cape Breton, and all the other islands and coasts in the Gulf and River of St. Lawrence...
Page 182 - Instructions herewith given you or by such further Powers, Instructions, and Authorities as shall at any Time hereafter be granted or appointed you under our Signet and Sign manual or by our Order in our Privy Council...
Page 465 - An Act for encouraging the People known by the name of Unitas Fratrum, or United Brethren, to settle in his Majesty's Colonies in America.
Page 274 - Septr 13'." 1766 Sir Advices having been received from His Majesty's Superintendents for Indian Affairs, that the most unprovoked violences and Murthers have been lately committed on the Indians, under the Protection of His Majesty, and whose Tribes are at present in Peace and Amity with His Majesty's Provinces, and that the offenders have not yet been discovered and brought to Justice, and likewise that Settlements have been made on the Back of the Provinces, without proper Authority and beyond...
Page v - Minister of Agriculture, &c., &c., &c. SIR, — I have the honour to present the report on Archives for 1894.
Page xi - DISSENTERS' FESTIVAL. The first of August, as the anniversary of the death of queen Anne, and the accession of George I., seems to have been kept with rejoicing by the dissenters. In the year 1733, they held a great meeting in Ixjndon, and several other parts of the kingdom to celebrate the day, it being that whereon the " schism bill" was to have taken place if the death of the queen had not prevented it.
Page 364 - ... on either side, to use their utmost Efforts to prevent the Unnatural Carnage, but the Importance of the Cause on the side of America has made War necessary, and its Consequences, though in some Cases shocking, are yet unavoidable. But to Evidence that the Virtues of humanity are carefully attended to, to temper the Fortitude of a Soldier, I have to summon you in the Name of the United Colonies to surrender the Fort now under your Command, to the Army sent under me by the States of America. I...
Page 245 - Croix the Boundary to the Westward, for although it be true that the ancient Limits of this Province, as it was possessed by France under the Treaties of Breda and Ryswick and ceded to Great Britain by the Treaty of Utrecht under the name of Acadia, did extend as far West...
Page 419 - River in the Bay of Fundy, to its source, and from thence across the Isthmus into the nearest part of the Bay Verte...

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