A voyage round the world: South America [tr. from pt.1 of Les enfants du capitaine Grant]. With 71 illustr. by Riou

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Page 40 - Lord Glenarvan shook his head; not that he doubted the kind heart of her Majesty, but he knew Mary would never gain access to her. Suppliants but too rarely reach the steps of a throne; it seems as if royal palaces had the same inscription on their doors that the English have on their ships: Passengers are requested not to speak to the man at the wheel. Lady Glenarvan understood what was passing in her husband's mind, and she felt the young girl's attempt would be useless, and only plunge the poor...
Page 189 - League. 446 LEAGUE OF NATIONS ANSWER: I am asked what I think about the admission of Germany and Russia to the League. I am strongly in favor of the admission of Germany to the League, and as far as I am concerned I should be very glad to see Russia in the League, too, as soon as possible, but of course we are governed by Article 1, which says that a country to be admitted must show a sincere intention of observing its international obligations. Personally, I would also consider that question as...

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