The Token and Atlantic Souvenir: A Christmas and New Year's Present

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Page 102 - The stars of midnight shall be dear To her; and she shall lean her ear In many a secret place, Where rivulets dance their wayward round And beauty born of murmuring sound Shall
Page 20 - BY HENRY W. LONGFELLOW. A youth, light-hearted and content, I wander through the world ; Here, Arab-like, is pitch'd my tent, And straight again is furl'd. Yet oft I dream, that once a wife Close in my heart was lock'd, And in the sweet repose of life, A blessed child I rock'd. I wake
Page 175 - The mother and child are there, — The fervent youth and the hoary head, The maid, with her floating locks outspread, The babe with its silken hair,— As the water moveth they lightly sway, And the tranquil lights on their features play; And there is each cherish'd and beautiful form, Away from decay, and away from the storm. 23
Page 174 - slumber well. The gem and the pearl lie heap'd at thy side; They fell from the neck of the beautiful bride, From the strong man's hand, from the maiden's brow, As they slowly sunk to the wave below. A peopled home is the ocean
Page 97 - this fairy world is not peopled by real men, but by a singular kind of singing creatures." The opera, notwithstanding, is founded in nature. The glad faces of the peasantry who fill the parterre on the evening of a festival, is proof enough of this. "The Romantic,
Page 268 - There is danger near thee, — away ! away ! Away ! in thy spotless purity; Nothing can here be a type of thee; The very air, as it fans thy brow, May leave a trace on its stainless snow ; Lo! spirits of evil haunt the bowers, And the serpent glides from the trembling
Page 231 - ll tell you a fairy tale that's new — How the merry elves o'er the ocean flew, From the Emerald isle to this far-off shore, As they were wont in the days of yore — And played their pranks one moonlit night, Where the zephyrs alone could see the sight.
Page 267 - MASTER HUMPHREY'S CLOCK. BY LUCY HOOPER. " Nelly bore upon her arm the little basket with her flowers, and sometimes stopped, with timid and modest looks, to offer them at some gay carriage There
Page 54 - Do you hear any discordance in her parting sighs ? They are all harmonious ; — as musical, though with a different character, as the melodies of spring. You may be affected with sadness as you listen, but it is a sadness which soothes and softens, not disturbs and terrifies. I can sympathise
Page 279 - had passed the previous Winter in unsuspecting tranquillity; ignorant of the preparations of the two crowns for war. As spring approached, suspicions were aroused; but the inefficient De Vergor took no vigorous measures for

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