Practical sanitation

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C.V. Mosby Company, 1914 - Public health - 387 pages
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Page 302 - Meat, flesh, is any clean, sound, dressed, and properly prepared edible part of animals in good health at the time of slaughter, and if it bears a name descriptive of its kind, composition, or origin, it corresponds thereto. The term "animals," as herein used, includes not only mammals, but fish, fowl, crustaceans, mollusks, and all other animals used as food.
Page 311 - Milk is hereby defined to be the whole, fresh, clean, lacteal secretion obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows, properly fed and kept, excluding that obtained within fifteen days before and five days after calving, or such longer period as may be necessary to render the milk practically colostrum free...
Page 230 - ... hermetically sealed, and all enclosed in a strong tight wooden box. Or the body being prepared for shipment by disinfecting and wrapping as above, may be placed in a strong coffin or casket, and said coffin or casket encased in an air-tight zinc...
Page 312 - Blended milk is milk modified in its composition so as to have a definite and stated percentage of one or more of its constituents.
Page 240 - Every school physician shall make a prompt examination and diagnosis of all children referred to him as hereinafter provided, and such further examination of teachers, janitors and school buildings as in his opinion the protection of the health of the pupils may require.
Page 230 - The bodies of those who have died of diphtheria ( membranous croup), scarlet fever (scarlatina, scarlet rash), glanders, anthrax or leprosy shall not be accepted for transportation unless prepared for shipment by being thoroughly disinfected by (a) arterial and cavity injection with an approved...
Page 369 - If tested with tuberculin once a year and no tuberculosis is found, or if tested once in six months and all reacting animals removed 5...
Page 327 - ... any offal, filth, or noisome substance to be collected, or to remain, in any place, to the damage or prejudice of others...
Page 242 - E's, asking the child to tell by the movement of the hand the side on which there is an opening on the E's, ie, up, down, right or left. Rule 9. The lines on the chart are numbered to indicate the distance the respective letters should be read by the normal eye. The record is made by a fraction, of which the numerator represents the distance of the chart from the child and the denominator the lowest line he can correctly read. Thus, if at 20 feet the pupil reads the line marked 20 feet, the vision...
Page 276 - It consists of a tin cup or a tin can cover nailed to the end of a long stick in such a way that a spoonful or so of kerosene can be placed in the cup, which may then, by means of the stick, be pressed up to the ceiling so as to inclose one mosquito after another. When covered over in this way the captured mosquito will attempt to fly and be caught in the kerosene.

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