An universal history: from the earliest accounts to the present time, Volume 33

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Page 332 - Charles XII. entered Neva as a conqueror, thinking that this great blow had completely broken the power of Peter the Great. The Czar, however, was not discouraged. He said: "I knew that the Swedes would beat us, but in time they will teach us to become their conquerors.
Page 115 - BANNER was no fooner acquainted with his efcape, than he fet out after him with the utmoft diligence, found him at Lubec, and reproached him with great warmth, as ungrateful and treacherous ; but he was foon appeafed by the arguments urged by Guftavus, and efpecially by the pro•nife he made of indemnifying him in the lofs of his ranfom.
Page 118 - ... Under the government of the king of Denmark. we have salt and herrings. Whatever may be the success of a revolution, we cannot be otherwise than poor. Peasants we are ; and peasants we must remain, whoever is king of Sweden." 9. Repulsed in that quarter, he determined to proceed to Dalecarlia, where, if he failed in the attempt of exciting the inhabitants to revolt, he could live securely in the high mountains and thick forests of that country. Attended, therefore, by a peasant, to whom he was...
Page 393 - This ftiort remonftrance produced the effeft, and operated like a charm on the minds of the janiffaries, who fwore by their beards they would not attack the king, and that he ihould have the time he demanded. They refufed to obey the fignal, and threatened to fall upon their leader, if three days were not granted to the king of Sweden^ They furrounded the bafhaw's tent, crying out that the fultan's orders were forged. They offered their mediation, "J VOLT.
Page 183 - Romijh clergy, and the converfation of his queen : he became in faŁta convert, and warm advocate for that religion. He was for purging it of certain fuperftitious ceremonies ; but he believed, that at the bottom it was the true primitive faith, and hoped to reduce the religion of Sweden to the fimplicity of the earlier ages of the gofpel. However, thefe notions he carefully concealed from ; the clergy, whom he propofed making the inftruments of his deilgn.
Page 382 - Dutch ambafladors, our antient allies, to cultivate a lading peace with us, we have granted his requeft, and delivered to his plenipotentiaries, who remain with us as hoftages, our imperial ratification, having firft received his from their hands. We have given our inviolable and falutary commands to the honourable and valiant Delvet Gherai, kan of Bondgiak, in Crim...
Page 235 - Thefe advantages obliged Tilly to endeavour checking the progrefs of the Swedes. With this view he detached the vanguard of his army, compofed of the flower of the imperial cavalry, within a few miles of the king's camp...
Page 30 - Handing had not patience to •wait for a confirmation ; he refolved to die, and immediately prepared a magnificent entertainment, aflembled all his officers round him, plied them with wine, and at the clofe of the feaft flung himfelf into a veflel full of hydromel, where he periflied.
Page 171 - When a little girl fhe ufed to fell fruit about the city, and being one day obferved by ^ . •Eric* he was fo ftruck with her beauty, that he took her under his care, and had her genteelly educated. At a proper age he made her his miftrefs, and grew fo paffionately fond, that he not only difmifled all his other women, but at laft made Catherine queen of Sweden. It was reported...
Page 300 - Guftavus aflembled the ftates, propofed re-uniting to the crown all the lands which had been alienated by grants to favourites during the late reign, ftrongly recommended the neceffity of putting the kingdom in a ftate of defence, and of repealing the duty on fait renewed in confequence of a war between the Poles and Ruffians^ barbarous nations who { Vid.

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