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List of New Publications 3 Illustrated Holiday Books
Abbott EUkML The Pinks and Blues or The Orphan Guide to their Diagnosis ad Treatment Illustr 12
Adams W B D Lighthouses and Lightships With 60 French 160 pp 398 N Y Am Free Trade League
War Maps 8 Notes on Books and Authors
Bore William AttorneyGeneral and of the Privy Selim or The Pacha of Salonica Translated from
Trousseaus Clinical Lectures Vol 111 last 8 ia pp 332 Phila P F Cunningham Si
Almanac The Illustrated Family Christian Almanac for cal Sketches 3 vols pp 362 330 London N Y
American Antiquarian The A Quarterly Journal de Co fi75
W CarJcton 950 pp 380 Phila Eldredge Bro 1 50
Archives of Ophthalmology and Otology Edited and England With full and copious Notes and References
Lord Jno LL D Ancient History A TextBook for in the Words of Scripture A YearBook of Scripture
Otiphant Mrs The Three Brothers A novel Illustr 8 Obi 8 pp 128 Boston O Ditson Co Pap 30
Feck Wm O LL D J Elementary Treatise on Me iPP 5a8 N Y G W Carleton i75
Ponchet F A The Universe or The Infinitely Great a Penny Only Love Babes in the Balloon Phila
Preston Margaret J Old Song and New A Volume of Stanley Arthur P D D J Essays chiefly on Questions
United States General and Public Statute Laws of the best adapted to Aid the Memory and obviate the Difficul
Protestant Episcopal Church in the DrocESP op Ver Storer Frank H A M A Cyclopedia of Qualitative
Argyll Duke of The Reign of Law First American Chicago S C Griggs ft Co Hf bd 1 35

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Page 123 - A TREATISE on the STEAM ENGINE, in its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways and Agriculture. By J. BOURNE, CE Eighth Edition; with Portrait, 37 Plates, and 546 Woodcuts, it o. 42s. CATECHISM of the STEAM ENGINE, in its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture.
Page 28 - BAIRD.— The American Cotton Spinner, and Manager's and Carder's Guide : A Practical Treatise on Cotton Spinning ; giving the Dimensions and Speed of Machinery, Draught and Twist Calculations, etc. ; with notices of recent Improvements : together with Rules and Examples for making changes in the sizes and numbers of Roving and Yarn. Compiled from the papers of the late ROBERT H. BAIRD.
Page 123 - A TREATISE on the SCREW PROPELLER, SCREW VESSELS, and Screw Engines, as adapted for purposes of Peace and War ; with Notices of other Methods of Propulsion, Tables of the Dimensions and Performance of Screw Steamers, and detailed Specifications of Ships and Engines. By J.
Page 22 - FIRST BOOK OF BOTANY. Designed to Cultivate the Observing Powers of Children. With 300 Engravings, New and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo.
Page 53 - Dictionary of Phrase and Fable ; giving the Derivation, Source, or Origin of Common Phrases, Allusions, and Words that have a Tale to Tell.
Page 46 - CAMPIN, CE To which are added, Observations on the Construction of Steam Boilers, and Remarks upon Furnaces used for Smoke Prevention ; with a Chapter on Explosions. By R.
Page 46 - CAMPIN.— A Practical Treatise on Mechanical Engineering : Comprising Metallurgy, Moulding, Casting, Forging, Tools, Workshop Machinery, Mechanical Manipulation, Manufacture of Steamengines, etc., etc. With an Appendix on the Analysis of Iron and Iron Ores.

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