A History of the English Church During the Civil Wars and Under the Commonwealth, 1640-1660, Volume 1

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Longmans, Green, and Company, 1900 - Church and state - 1091 pages
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Nov Dec Some defects in the ordinance of 19th August 1645 remedied
of its own
June 8 The first ordinance for the maintenance of ministers 8th June 1649
The separate trusts and executives created by the various Schemes
1G40 Nov Proceedings against the High Commission Court 164041
Feb Mar Doctrinal propositions concerning Government and discipline
April The work of the Assemblys Committee for the Summary of Govern
Dec Their draft introduced into the Assembly December 1644
July The ordinance of 3rd July 1644
Mar Aug The ordinance for the election of elders in debate in the Parliament
Uneasiness caused by the insecure legal position of intruded Puritan
June The Assembly returns to the subject of excommunication June 1645
Aug 8 The Assemblys petition in support of the demand 8th August 1645
But compromise by the adoption of cautions
Oct 27 The Parliament reopens the matter and asks for an additional cata
Patronage and Financial Administration Parliamentary
June 9 The final ordinance for scandal 9th June 1646
lG456Mar Incidentally the Assembly debates the jus divinum under the Con
April The Directory for Ordination and the twelve doctrinal propositions
Aug Sept The Commons ignore the material part of the Assemblys objections
April The Assembly appoints its own Committee for the Directory
Nov 21 The Directory for Worship transmitted from the Assembly to
JuneAug The enforcement of the Directory
April Scriptural proofs added
Account of Impropriations Purchased

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Page 161 - Church as may be most agreeable to God's Holy Word, and most apt to procure and preserve the peace of the Church at home, and nearer agreement with the Church of Scotland and other reformed Churches abroad...
Page 138 - Parliament, doth approve of the affection of his subjects in Scotland, in their desire of having a conformity of church government between the two nations. And as the Parliament hath already taken into consideration the reformation of church government, so they will proceed therein in due time, as shall best conduce to the glory of God, the peace of the Church, and both kingdoms.
Page 142 - That we shall in like manner, without respect of persons, endeavour the extirpation of Popery, prelacy (that is, Church government by Archbishops, Bishops, their Chancellors and Commissaries, Deans, Deans and Chapters, Archdeacons, and all other ecclesiastical officers depending on that hierarchy...
Page 314 - Christ ? And whether any particular Church government be jure divino ? And what that government is ?
Page 180 - A presbytery consisteth of ministers of the word, and such other public officers as are agreeable to, and warranted by, the word of God, to be church-governors, to join with the ministers in the government of the church ; as appeareth, Rom.
Page 78 - Bill for the utter abolishing and taking away of all Archbishops, Bishops, their Chancellors and Commissaries...
Page 18 - Canterbury (Laud) and some prime bishops, which they mind to do so soon as the King has a little digested the bitterness of his Lieutenant's censure. Huge things are here in working ; the mighty Hand of God be about this great work ! We hope this shall be the joyful harvest of the tears that, these many years, have been sown in these Kingdoms. All here are weary of bishops. 'London, 18 November 1640.
Page 33 - will hinder the free and fit recourse of their inferiors " to them, and occasion insolence from them to their " inferiors, let that be considered and cared for. I " am sure neither their Lordships, their judging of " tithes, wills, and marriages, no, not their voices in " Parliaments, are jure divino ; and I am sure that " these titles and this power are not necessary to their
Page 98 - That all the Lands, taken by this Bill from Deans and Chapters, shall be employed to the Advancement of Learning and Piety...

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