The Works of Thomas Chatterton ...: Miscellaneous pieces in prose

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T.N. Longman and O. Rees, 1803
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Page 386 - Anecdotes was published last year, I must not flatter myself that a third will be wanted soon ; but I shall be happy to lay up any notices you will be so good as to extract for me, and send me at your leisure ; for, as it is uncertain when I may use them, I would by no means borrow and detain your MSS. Give me leave to ask you where Rowley's poems are to be found PI should not be sorry to print them ; or at least, a specimen of them, if they have never been printed.
Page 453 - TO THE MEMORY OF THOMAS CHATTERTON; Reader judge not ; if thou art a Christian — believe that he shall be judged by a superior power — to that power alone is he now answerable.
Page 455 - Clayfield the sincerest thanks my gratitude can give ; and I will and direct that whatever any person may think the pleasure of reading my works worth, they immediately pay their own valuation to him, since it is then become a lawful debt to me, and to him as my executor in this case. I leave my moderation to the politicians on both sides of the question. I leave my generosity to our present Right Worshipful Mayor, Thomas Harris, Esq. I give my abstinence to the company at the Sheriffs' annual feast...
Page 454 - Item. From the same charitable motive, I give and bequeath unto the Reverend Mr. Camplin senior, all my humility ; to Mr. Burgum all my prosody, and grammar, — likewise one moiety of my modesty ; the other moiety to any young lady who can prove without blushing, that she wants that valuable commodity.
Page 533 - Priest, &c. ; with a Commentary, in which the antiquity of them is considered and defended by Jeremiah Milles, DD, Dean of Exeter.
Page 435 - You have doubtless heard of the Lord Mayor's remonstrating and addressing the King : but it will be a piece of news to inform you that I have been with the Lord Mayor on the occasion. Having addressed an essay to his Lordship, it was very well received ; perhaps better than it deserved ; and I waited on his Lordship to h?',-e his approbation to address a second letter to him, on the subject of the remonstrance and its reception.
Page 542 - ... the revolutions, not of literature alone, but likewise of society itself. I have therefore altogether declined to enter regularly upon this defence ; yet...
Page 533 - Cursory Observations on the Poems attributed to Thomas Rowley, a Priest •of the Fifteenth Century ; with some remarks on the commentaries on those Poems by the Rev. Jeremiah Milles, Dean of Exeter, and Jacob Bryant, Esq. ; and a salutary proposal addressed to the friends of those gentlemen
Page 451 - ... the coroner and jury are to be judges of, desiring them to take notice, that the most perfect masters of human nature in Bristol distinguish me by the title of the Mad Genius...
Page 152 - ... beautiful as the Cathedral of Canterbury ; but soon wilt thou be deformed like Chinese palacepaling. So the sun, rising in the east, gilds the borders of the black mountains, and laces with his golden rays the dark-brown heath. The hind leaps over the flowery lawn, and the reeky bull rolls in the bubbling brook. The wild boar makes ready his armour of defence. The inhabitants of the rocks dance, and all nature joins in the song. But see ! riding on the wings of the wind, the black clouds fly....

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