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THE GIVER came out more than twenty years ago. Since then, Lowry has published two other books in the series, GATHERING BLUE and MESSENGER. With SON, the author returns to the story of THE GIVER, taking us behindthescenes the story from the first book, giving us animportant parallel story that fills in the blanks of the tale of Jonas, Gabriel and Kira. "The gift of this book is that it gives the ... Read full review

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This is the 4th book in Lowry’s The Giver series. Claire has been assigned to be a birth mother. Once she has her first child (or “product”) - at only 14-years old - there are complications and she is ... Read full review

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Right now this is the only member of the Giver Quartet I've got- I plan to get "The Giver," but I'm not sure about the other two. This one was out of the library and my curiosity was piqued enough to ... Read full review

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Told in three parts, we get a book that attempts to tie together the world Lowry began building in The Giver. Part one focuses on the mother of Gabe and her attempts to get to know her son before he ... Read full review

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It was boring

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This book is an amazing conclusion of The Giver. I would read it all the time.(If I could) Son ties into the Giver so much I love it. Awesome! Wonderful! Creative! Inspiring!

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I think it is a good book, but, it should be beginning to end.

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This book brought me to tears, had me on the edge of my seat constantly, and had me literally murmuring aloud to myself in the midst of the book (the end of part II) and struggling not to cry when it was all over. I adored the Giver TRILOGY and the QUARTET left me thinking that Lowry must have read my mind, for I felt that something was still missing from the books when I finished Messenger. This book is the darkest, yet most touching book I've ever read and I found myself thinking back to my parents, and that somehow, how the protagonist felt was somehow linked to my parents' feelings when they were told some heart-rending news fifteen years earlier. I think this book kind of put me in their shoes: the feeling of not wanting to lose a child whom you have come to love.
That being said, I adored every aspect of this book, as it did everything I had hoped for. Even the final, epic battle waged between the Son after whom the story is named and the Evil Trademaster was amazing and undoubtedly the best battle I have ever observed in any kind of artistic media.
I also greatly enjoyed getting to see my absolute favorite character - the one and only Jonas - as a fully grown man, whose changes in Messenger I had been unwilling to accept as the changes of an adult male mortal. During Son, though, I accepted the loving father, surrogate parent, and spouse he had become. I accepted the waning of his own power and the awakening of the Son's. All of these puzzle pieces fit together so perfectly that I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to have read the entire Quartet. I believe that this is the reason behind my acceptance of the changes.
I recommend this book to anyone who has read the first three books of the Quartet and is looking for more. However, I DO NOT recommend it to those who did not enjoy The Giver, because Son goes back to it and is another version of The Giver for a little while. I believe it to be an Adult fiction, only written in vocabulary that is young-adult friendly, because it deals with a topic that many adults will comprehend right away, and one that children may struggle to comprehend. (Giving birth and a parent's desperate desire to be with her child.)
As for me, Son changed my life, what I believe in, how I feel, and how hard I would fight to end the Wickedness in the world. Indulging in this simplistic, poetic quartet was one of the best decisions I have ever made as a reader.

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This book had so many twists and turns. I think Son and The Giver were the best ones in this series. I think Gathering Blue and Messenger were not as great, but still good enough to reread. If I could read Son a few more times, I most definitely would. I HIGHLY reccommend this book to others and I am so glad I read it. From the first chapter, I was drawn in. Thank you for writing this book! I love it!
Claire's story was told brilliantly and it was very great. It was written in the way I would imagine and more!
I'm not going to spoil the ending but it was very good and it leaves you with your own opinions, just like the Giver. It makes you think about your own ideas and plan your own ending, as I would say. I think Lowry SHOULD write another book, but I don't know what could be better than Son! PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!

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Son is the perfect ending to The Giver series. I read a review saying that Gathering Blue and Messenger would tell what happened after The Giver, but when I read them I realized that they had nothing to do with The Giver. When a heard that the 4th book a the series had finally come out I was the first person to check it out at the library. If you want to learn how The Giver quartet ends read this exiting, well-writen, and just plain awesome book. 

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