Reference Guides that Should be Known and how to Use Them: Atlases; city directories; gazetteers

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Willard Company, 1919 - Reference books
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Page 2 - The place of the library in the work of all departments is one of increasing importance. The library is a resource or reservoir from which the student should draw constantly for information and inspiration, whether his interest lies in history, literature, or science.
Page 2 - Every month of delay in instructing him in the meaning and use of the library lessens the efficiency of his course. Every new student should be required to take some course in which is given definite practical instruction in the handling of library tools. It is not enough to instruct those who happen to choose history or literature. Such a course, moreover, should not only be required, but it should constitute a definite part of the work required for a degree. Perhaps the best way of securing its...
Page 2 - ... and even in some grammar schools. Sometimes this work is under the direction of the public-library staff and sometimes under a regularly appointed librarian of the school. Each plan has advantages and disadvantages. The following extract is from a bulletin of the United States Bureau of Education: Many educators of note, as well as college and university librarians, have emphasized the urgent necessity for instruction and training in "book-using skill.
Page 1 - Reference guides that should be known and how to use them" by Miss Florence Hopkins, Librarian, Central High School, Detroit, Michigan, published by the Willard Publishing Co., Detroit, Michigan.
Page 11 - Of all teaching laboratories, there is one which is plainly of supreme importance — that of books. I trust that you are with me so far; for I am about to make a further advance that experience teaches me is very difficult, except for librarians. I am going to urge that your collection of books, when you have made it, be put in charge of one who has studied the methods of making the contents of...
Page 11 - ... indicated in a pamphlet of 53 pages, containing references to 301 books. Illustrations could be taken from almost any subject in the university curriculum. This is essentially a teacher's view. Listen now to that of a public librarian, Mr. John Cotton Dana, of Newark, New Jersey. He says: In our high schools we spend literally millions of dollars to equip laboratories, kitchens, carpenter shops, machine shops, and what not, to be used by a small part of the pupils for a small part of the short...
Page 1 - Webster's New International Dictionary 2. New Standard Dictionary 3. Encyclopaedias 4. Parts of a Book 5. Atlases, City Directories, Gazetteers 6. Concordances 7. Library Classification and Card Catalogue 8. Indexes to Periodical Literature i 9.
Page 11 - In the long run, the printed page will win, and will assert itself as the most important of all aids to knowledge, training and wisdom.
Page 11 - It will be much to the credit of the educational system of your city if it keeps well at the front in its recognition of the supreme importance to every coming citizen of high skill in the use of books and libraries.
Page 11 - ... a small part of the short school day. This is partly because so to do is the fashion of the hour, partly also because the products of work in those shops, kitchens, and laboratories can be seen, touched, and handled, are real things even to the most unintelligent. For books, the essential tools of every form of acquisition, we spend, outside of textbooks, a few paltry thousands. The things a child makes we can see, and we are impressed by them; the knowledge he gains, the power of thought he...

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