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Rabbi Trepp provides the most complete and comprehensive educational guide to complete with historical facts and reference sources in A History of the Jewish Experience. An excellent source of factual documented historical sources and accompanying Rabbinic thought on Judaism.
With the books introduction and overview of The Covenant. The book is divided into two parts. Book One - Torah and History, Book Two - Torah, Mitzvot, and Jewish Thought. Rabbi Trepp provides factual descriptions and insightful views about the Patriarchs and Matriarchs in the book of Genesis, the Prophets and the Literary prophets called minor prophets.
Important and helpful are the ancient maps of the Route of Exodus, Divided Kingdom, Babylonian Empire, and Maccabean Palestine corresponding to the events and dates that sequence the timelines.
Required reading is the historical accounts relating the biblical periods when the First and Second Temples stood offered by Rabbi Trepp is invaluable. His research on The Jews on the Land is important to the study of Judaism from pagan Rome to the Christian empire. The Impact of Hellensim, Holocaust, Zionism, feminist Jewish thought, America and up through the the 21st century.
Included are the traditional observances, customs and their origins. Rabbi Trepp concludes with a postmodern thought since the holocaust and the road to peace.
Among a few of the many noted luminaries, Isaac Mayer Wise, founder of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (1873), Isaac Leeser (1806) he translated the Bible and prayer book into English, Chaim Weizman first president of Israel, American Ralph Bunche, a nobel prize recipient who mediated truce agreements and concluded with Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Eliezer Ben-Yehudah established national language, Emma Lazarus poet "An epistle to the Hebrew" (1883) she wrote the poem on the base of the Statute of Liberty. Isreal's declaration of independence in May 14, 1948.
Rabbi Trepp's book is a timeless treasure.

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