Three-colour Photography: Three-colour Printing and the Production of Photographic Pigment Pictures in Natural Colours

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A. W. Penrose & Company, 1904 - Color photography - 148 pages
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Page x - Sanger-Shepherd Repeating Backs, with Light Filters. Applicable to Portraiture, and all subjects requiring rapid exposure in changing light. Maximum simplicity in exposing and developing the three negatives on one plate, from 7O/-.
Page 90 - ... deal, and the high sensitiveness of the bromide of silver does not extend very far into the ultra violet. On the photographic action of the pigments these rays are, therefore, without influence. The addition of suitable dyes to the bromide of silver can greatly increase the sensitiveness for the less refrangible part of the spectrum, and spectrographs show, besides the characteristic band in the blue violet, another band of sensitiveness in a part of the spectrum nearer towards the red. The bromide...
Page 89 - Fig. 27. the collodion plate, and we notice that the first is mainly sensitive for blue rays between G and H, whereas the latter shows greatest sensitiveness for violet rays. If these curves are transformed for the normal spectrum, we obtain the sensitiveness shown in fig. 28. The most powerful action on both plates is due to the spectral violet, but the gelatine plate is of greater blue sensitiveness than the collodion emulsion. A short exposure scarcely shows this difference in practical work,...
Page x - Tl1e luminosity of all colours exactly as seen by the eye. Sole makers of the Cadett, Gilvus, and Absolutus Filters for the Spectrum Plate. Makers of Orthcchromatic Filters for all brands of plates.
Page 111 - ... for trichromatic work. Working conditions will have to decide for us in the choice between gelatine dry plates and collodion emulsions. Collodion emulsion gives the broad sensitizing bands which are in no way affected by screening defects, and which are so very desirable for our purpose. And again, if the less refrangible rays are to act on our plate, collodion emulsion may be. superior to dry plates in point of length of exposure Further, the working with collodion emulsion is simpler and more...
Page xiii - Commercial and Press Photography. The Complete Lamp. Photograph of a Flash. ADVANTAGES : Quick Ignition. Wide-Spreading Fan-Shaped Flame. Great Intensity. Easy to Charge. Simple and Compact. Price of the " Electra" Flash Lamp, in aluminium, complete with Double Ball and Tube of best rubber 15/6 The P.
Page xix - EG for Process Work Is The... Cooke Process Lens, BECAUSE it gives sharp results for Line Work. Is rapid for Half- Tone. Is corrected for Three-Colour Work. It covers perfectly to the margins at full aperture. Is perfectly free from Astigmatism. Is reasonable in price. Is approved by all practical operators.
Page 89 - ... shows after development only a visible action of the blue and violet spectral rays on the photographic plate. If this exposure is prolonged, the green, then the yellow, and finally also the red rays exert a chemical action. A photograph of the spectrum extends by short exposure to line F ; prolonged exposure widens the band towards the red, especially in gelatine dry plates.
Page xiv - May be used for Oil, Gas or Electric Lamps. Where Electric Light is available we recommend our SAFE LIGHT LANTERN, which can be attached to any ordinary electric light pendant in place of the usual shade. To be obtained of all Dealers and Photographic Stores. MANUFACTURED BY The Process & Engineering Co., 1O9, FARRINGDON ROAD, EG I s. Printed on "DICKINSON SUPERFINE
Page xxix - H (Badische) Methyl Violet, R (Badische) Methyl Violet, B (Badische) Malachite Green, B (Badische) Methyl Green, A (Badische) Naphthol Yellow, S (Badische) Nigrosine, WL (Bayer) Nacht Rosa Nigrosine (Merck) Naphthol Yellow (AGFA) Naphthol Green (AGFA ) Naphthol Red Orange, N (Badische) Orange, R (Badische) Primuline Pyoktannin Rose Bengal (Merck) Rose Bengal, NT (Badische) Rhodamine, B (Merck) Rhodamine (Bayer) Rhodamine, B (Badische) Saffranine, XX. (Badische) Scarlet, RR (Badische) Tolan Red Titan...

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