Hearing on the Bill (H. R. 14798) to Establish a Laboratory for the Study of the Criminal, Pauper, and Defective Classes: With a Bibliography

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1902 - Alcoholism - 309 pages
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Hearing is followed by "Bibliography of genius, insanity, idiocy, feeblemindedness, alcoholism, pauperism, and crime" reprinted from "Abnormal Man", Circular of Information No. 4, Bureau of Education (p. 139-304).

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Page 185 - On the Use and Abuse of Alcoholic Liquors, in Health and Disease.
Page 260 - Introductory report to the code of prison discipline, explanatory of the principles on which the code is founded, being part of the system of penal law prepared for the State of Louisiana.
Page 274 - Resolution of the magistrates deputed from the several counties in England and Wales, assembled at the St. Alban's Tavern, by the desire of the Society for Giving Effect to His Majesty's Proclamation against Vice and Immorality on the 5th, llth, 14th, and 17th May, 1790. 8°. London. Restano. I rei d
Page 92 - ... fainting fits ; he had epilepsy and died from an attack of the disease. Warren Hastings was sickly during his whole life ; in his latter years he suffered from paralysis, giddiness, and hallucinations of hearing. During the time of his paralysis he developed a taste for writing poetry. Carlyle, the dyspeptic martyr, showed extreme irritability. He says in his diary : ' Nerves all inflamed and torn up, body and mind in a hag-ridden condition.
Page 135 - The pubertal period of superiority of girls in height, sitting height, and weight is nearly a year longer in the laboring classes than in the non-laboring classes. 15. Children of the non-laboring classes have, in general, greater height, sitting height, and weight than children of the laboring classes.
Page 133 - Time perception can alone be accounted for as a process. Nearly all persons under nearly all conditions find a particular length of time interval more easily and accurately to be judged than any other (Nichols, H.). MISCELLANEOUS. Students entering college have heads on the average 19.3 cm. long; 15 per cent have defective hearing; their average reaction time is 0.174 sec. ; they can remember seven numerals heard once (Cattell and Farrand). In reaction time, the ear-lip coordination is the fastest...
Page 35 - There is a special difficulty in teaching even a minimum system of morality, for the desideratum consists not only in inculcating general principles, but by indicating courses of conduct in detail. Generalities elevate the moral tone, but details incarnate the principles.
Page 232 - The inspectors of the State Penitentiary for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania...
Page 87 - I was not always assured of my identity, or even existence; for I sometimes found it necessary to shout aloud to be sure that I lived; and I was in the habit, very often at night, of taking down a volume and looking into it for my name, to be convinced that I had not been dreaming of myself.
Page 132 - ... assure improvement is further seen in the fact that in many cases inferior operators after being tolerated for years are finally dropped because they do not get far enough above the dead line...

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