The New Household Receipt Book, Part 1 (Google eBook)

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H. Long, 1853 - Formulas, recipes, etc - 394 pages
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Page 7 - CUBIC MEASURE 1728 cubic inches = 1 cubic foot 27 cubic feet = 1 cubic yard...
Page 304 - ... it in the sun, or near a fire: after it is well dried, clean out what remains loose of the mixture, and fill the cavity of the body with wool, oakum, or any soft substance, and pack it smooth in paper.
Page 303 - Small birds may be preserved in the following manner : — take out the entrails, open a passage to the brain, which should be scooped out through the mouth...
Page 365 - ... are observed to be growing dry. In painting with this composition the colours blend without difficulty when wet, and even when dry the tints may easily be united by means of a brush and a very small quantity of fair water.
Page 41 - ... little water on the mixture. Use this compost at the back part of your fire. It will burn brightly and pleasantly; only a little dust will remain unconsumed ; and thus the trouble of sifting will be saved besides. HINT SEVENTH. — Another excellent suggestion by the same American authoress : — Mix one bushel of small coal, or saw-dust, or both, with two bushels of sand, and one bushel and a half of clay. Take water, and make the mixture into balls, and pile them up in a dry place till they...
Page 21 - Take 2 oz. powdered tri.poli, put it in an earthen pot, with water to cover it ; then take a piece of white flannel, lay it over a . piece of cork or rubber, and proceed to polish the varnish, always wetting it with the tripoli and water. It will be known when the process is finished by wiping a part of the work with a sponge, and observing whether there is a fair even gloss. When this is the case, take a bit of mutton suet and line flour, and clean the work.
Page 104 - Let a sponge, three or four inches in diameter, be moistened with pure water, and in that state be suspended by a string or wire, exactly over the flame of the lamp, at the distance of a few inches ; this substance will absorb all the smoke emitted during the evening, or night, after which it should be rinsed in warm water, by which means it will be again rendered fit for use.
Page 73 - ... the cement being previously interposed. Melted sulphur applied to fragments of stones previously heated by placing them before a fire, to at least the melting point of sulphur, and then joined with the sulphur between, makes a pretty firm and durable joining. • Little deficiencies in the stone, as chips out of corners, &c.
Page 112 - ... morning and evening over the whole body with a piece of bacon, in such a manner that, with the exception of the head, a covering of fat is everywhere applied.
Page 286 - Proper Soil for the Culture of Turnips. Sandy loams, in good heart, are most favourable to their growth, though they will thrive well on strong loams, if they are not wet ; but on clayey, thin, or wet soils, they are not worth cultivating ; for though a good crop may be raised on such ground, when well prepared and dunged, more damage is done by taking off the turnips in winter, in poaching the soil, than the value of the crop will repay.

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