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I don't read a whole lot of middle grade, but to be honest when I read the synopsis, I didn't know it was, I knew I liked the premise though. Books about being able to know what others are thinking has always intrigued me and it sounded like a cute read that had the potential for some depth.
Seeing Cinderella did not disappoint. Callie is awkward and on this side of nerdy, which helped me to relate with her, being quiet but sometimes seen as stuck up is something that I feel could be a part of my life's story, so even though Callie is a little younger than my usual protagonist, I had no problem connecting with her. She goes through quite a bit of character growth throughout the novel as well as discovering a lot about other people and the way they think as well as discovering how she thinks and feels about things without censoring herself through her best friend.
There was always something going on and I appreciated the drama class, the teachers, Callie's mom, and the fleshed out secondary characters. Ana is one that I really enjoyed and wondered what was going on with her. I figured it out before the reveal (as with quite a few things in this book) but it didn't diminish my enjoyment. I also grew to like Stacy more than I thought I would.
Seeing Cinderella was a quick read for me, I read it all in two sittings, and enjoyed it.
It was funny at times, and had some emotional punch, all at the exact right timing to keep the story going and me interested. It captured middle school insecurities, and drama pretty well and made me smile, but never ever wish to live over again.
I liked how everything wrapped up and I felt like it left Callie and the other characters in a good place.
Bottom Line: Quick and cute read with a quirky main character.

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I've read the book not too long ago and I LOVED it! I love the whole thing exept I didn't like how it didn't talk much about the play she was in. But other wise i loved it! I recomend this book because I know you'll like it. P.S. I want those glasses! : )

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So far i personally like this book what i've read so far it is really good!!! I want glasses like that sooooooo badly!!!

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