The London Medical and Physical Journal, Volume 4

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R. Phillips, 1800 - Medicine
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Page 119 - and pafteboard. A fine ftream of minute bubbles immediately began to flow from the point of the lower wire in the tube, which communicated with the filver, and the oppofite point of the upper wire became tarniihed, firft deep orange, and then black. On reverfing the tube, the gas came from the other point, which was now
Page 453 - trance by Dr. Kinglake, who took the bag from my mouth, indignation and pride were the firft feelings produced by the fight of the
Page 454 - were again produced ; I was quickly thrown into the pleafurable trance, and continued in it longer than before. For many minutes after the experiment, I experienced the thrilling in the extremities : the exhilaration continued nearly two hours. For a much longer time I experienced the mild enjoyment before
Page 8 - St. Bartholomew's Hospital; plainly exposing the low Absurdity or Malice of a late spurious Pamphlet) falsely ascribed to that learned Physician : with a full ANSWER to the MISTAKEN Case of a natural Small-pox, after taking it by
Page 100 - As to the pain I have now, I do not care if I have it all my life; that will matter nothing; you may take your medicines, I'll have no more of them
Page 563 - this work, I was ftruck with the unfpeakable advantages that might accrue to this country, and indeed to the human race at large, from the difcovery of a mild diftemper that would ever after fecure the
Page 124 - The procefs was continued for thirteen hours, after which the wires were difengaged, and the gafes decanted into feparate bottles. On meafuring the quantities, which was done by weighing the bottles, it was found, that the quantities of water difplaced by the gafes, were
Page 361 - the giddinefs went off, and was fucceeded by an excruciating pain in the forehead and between the eyes, with tranfient pains in the cheft and extremities. .
Page 151 - their invention, in others it has kept no pace with time, and we look back to ancient excellence with wonder, not unmixed with awe. Medicine
Page 453 - Twenty quarts more of air were admitted. I had now a great difpofition to laugh, luminous points feemed frequently to pafs before my eyes, my hearing was certainly more acute, and I felt a

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