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Those who have been loyally following the television show “Dexter” since its premiere on Showtime in 2006 may be surprised to learn that it is based on a fine series of novels by Jeff Lindsay. The fourth installment, DEXTER BY DESIGN, was published almost simultaneously to the start of the fourth season. If you have been watching the program and haven't picked up one of the books yet, let me urge ... Read full review

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Thankfully, Jeff Lindsay returns to the good ole Dexter in Book 4, "Dexter by Design." There's no mention of the supernatural Moloch or any silly cults. Dexter is simply back to his old tricks, but now must deal with them as they relate to his family life.
We see an increased attachment from Dexter to his mundane roles: husband, father, brother. I really enjoyed the focus of this book on Deborah and how Dexter interacts with his sister, as well as Cody and Astor, his step-children.
There was a lot of build-up in the plot, with a quicky pay-off that felt like it didn't really pay-up. The characters are great, and the plot was there, but the ending just fell flat. I really expected something, I'm not sure what, but something MORE.
I'll continue to read the series for its unique voice and great characters. This one was certainly better than Book 3, so here's hoping to a steady improvement process!

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Good books
Excellent book.

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So far, this has been my least favorite Dexter book. Although it was entertaining enough to get through, it really didn't add anything to the ongoing storyline, and the plotline (particularly the climax) seemed contrived and unbelievable. Here's to hoping Lindsay picks up the pace in the fifth installment, due out in September. 

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Disappointing Dexter. I don't like big climaxes, and this book had a doozy, one that magically resolved all his problems. The charm of Dexter lies in his working against type - he's a monster and a hero at the same time - but this plot operated at a much more conventional level. The resolution avoided real resolution - everything was sidestepped at the end. Bring back the quirkiness! 

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This book is definitely better than the 3rd. It's as good as the 2nd. Dexter regained his charm and power and started to act again. This one related to the TV figures more than all the earlier books in this series. I kept thinking about the images of Michael Hall and Jennifer while reading through the book, but it is different from the TV show. It's like, you watched two shows for Season 4. Lovely. 

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