Markets for the People: The Consumer's Part

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Macmillan, 1913 - Markets - 316 pages
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Page 60 - In Manhattan this Commission's investigators found pushcart food 'good' in 71 per cent. of 1,952 cases, 'fair' in 23 per cent., 'bad' in I per cent., and 'injurious to health' in less than one-half of 1 per cent.
Page 40 - Nobody appears to try seriously to lay the blame for high prices at the door of the railroads. As a matter of fact they are among the greatest sufferers; they are getting less for what they give than ever before in their history. Measured in money, their transportation charges are a little above the lowest point ever reached.
Page 212 - Costermongers are keenly alive to ascertaining when produce is at exceptionally low prices, and are always ready to purchase and distribute an almost unlimited quantity when that is the case. By this means the humbler consumer is frequently able to purchase food at a lower price than it has been quoted wholesale at the authorized market, as the costermonger is enabled to re-sell his goods at very low profits, his expenses being small.
Page 23 - When employers' association lawyers tell him that his own trade unions have raised the prices of table necessaries, let him quote the Lodge report (page 122), which says that the greatest advances "have been made in the groups of commodities in which the labor cost is not a controlling factor...
Page 123 - HOME USE. By buying in large quantities under certain conditions it may be possible to procure meat at better prices than those which ordinarily prevail in the retail market. The whole side or quarter of an animal can frequently be obtained at noticeably less cost per pound than when it is bought cut by cut, and can be used to advantage when the housekeeper understands the art and has proper storage facilities and a good-sized family.
Page 273 - It has been found that the quality of the food and merchandise sold from push carts in New York City is in the main of as good quality as can be bought anywhere else in the city, and much cheaper. Your Commission believes that a decided service will be rendered to certain classes of our citizenship by peddlers, hucksters, and push cart men and that their business should be subjected only to certain necessary sanitary and police regulations and such rules as may be required to prevent undue congestion...
Page 124 - Thousands of retail butchers in this country sell one-half of a beef or less each day and must make sufficient profit on this small quantity to meet the large expenses Incident to city life. The wholesale butcher also is under heavy expense of a similar nature. The packers have a large capitalization, on which they are striving to pay dividends on stock and fair interest on bonds, all of which must necessarily come out of the pockets of the producer or consumer — more properly speaking...
Page 197 - ... competition with the private wholesale dealers and through the daily publication of their report on the average wholesale prices for all wares and at all the halls, the municipal sales commissioners exercise a steadying influence upon the entire wholesale business. Although it is estimated that they handle only about one-fifth of the total wares received at the central market hall, it is nevertheless conceded that they indirectly prevent extortion by the private wholesale dealer upon the producer...
Page 43 - ... do not believe that combination among retail dealers has had any appreciable effect on prices. I do think, however, that on an average in all of our cities there are at least ten times as many middlemen or retail dealers as there should be. To illustrate: in a recent walk in New York City I counted twenty retail shops, where groceries, vegetables and meat were sold, in one block.

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