Etnologiska Studier

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Göteborgs Etnografiska Museum, 1947 - Ethnology
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Page 118 - For they see not very well in the Sun, poring in the clearest Day; their Eyes being but weak and running with Water if the Sun shine towards them; so that in the Day-time they care not to go abroad, unless it be a cloudy dark Day. Besides they are but
Page 21 - thus walking about with 2 or 300 of these attending him, as if he was mustering them: And I took notice that those in the black Gowns walk'd before him, and the white after him, each having their Launces of the same colour with their Robes.
Page 118 - Their Eye-brows are Milk-white also, and so is the Hair of their Heads, and very fine withal, about the length of six or eight Inches, and inclining to a Curl. They are not so big as the
Page 20 - Being now forc'd to stay among them, and having no means to alleviate the Anguish of my Wound, the Indians undertook to cure me; and apply'd to my Knee some Herbs, which they first chew'd in their Mouths to the consistency of a Paste, and putting it on a Plantain Leaf, laid it upon the Sore. This proved so effectual, that in about
Page 23 - Bay no women were ever met with, and upon our approach they were always removed from the villages, and this was the only mark of fear they evinced toward us. No traces of amalgamation were met with, but some albinos. Their arms are principally the bow and arrow, in the use of which they are very skillful, and the single-barreled shot-gun.
Page 22 - of small white reeds, which were curiously woven, having no other top than its lining, which was red silk. Round about the middle of it was a thin plate of gold, more than two inches broad, laced behind; from whence did stick two or three Ostrich feathers.
Page 22 - Heart fashion, as that is commonly painted, with the Point downward; having on the upper part a narrow Plate or Label, about three or four Inches long, by an hole in which it hangs to the Ring in the Ear. It wears great holes in the Ears by frequent use.
Page 82 - was bitten almost every night; one night, the I3th of May, nine men were bitten. The men were rarely awakened by the bites, which however, bled freely, sufficient blood being usually lost to saturate the clothing, and to show its effects very perceptibly in the loss of color and general feeling of weakness
Page 106 - the Corn-Islands and Cartagene: And when they were dispos'd to return and we were studying to oblige 'em with some Present, one of them spied a Cat we had aboard, and beg'd it: Which we had no sooner given him, but he and his Consort, without staying for any other Gift, went immediately into their Canoa and padled off with abundance of Joy.
Page 21 - When they are thus assembled, they will sometimes walk about the Place or Plantation where they are, with these their Robes on: And I once saw Lacenta (a

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