Public Intellectuals and International Affairs: Essays on Public Thinkers and Political Projects

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Republic of Letters Publishing, 2013 - Political Science - 355 pages
ABOUT THE BOOK The new interest in ideas behind foreign policy and in different constructions of the international has neglected to consider the varied sources of such new ideas. Generally attributed to 'policy intellectuals' much of the radical new direction in foreign policy thinking that marked the 20th century came in fact from public intellectuals, increasingly recognised as a critical source of new thinking in liberal political orders. Building on the new research in public intellectuals and their contribution to public debate and policy evolution, this book provides a comprehensive treatment of the thought of the major public intellectuals who made critical contributions to the thought behind and the practice of foreign policy and international relations during the 20th century. The result is a fresh look at some familiar figures, new studies of some less recognised personalities, and new evaluations of some contested thinkers. TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Chapter 1 - Public Intellectuals, Political Projects and New Ideas Chapter 2 - Treitschke, Social Hatred and the Theory of the Machtstaat Chapter 3 - Angell, the Seizure Illusion and the Disutility of War Chapter 4 - Chatham House, the Broad Church View and Progressive Internationalism Chapter 5 - Toynbee, Decline and Civilization Chapter 6 - Butterfield, Carr and English Machiavellism Chapter 7 - Lippmann, Actually-existing Liberalism and Liberal Realism Chapter 8 - Mitrany, the Service State and International Functionalism Chapter 9 - Spinelli, Functionalists and Federalism Chapter 10 - Hobbes, the Security Dilemma and the Laws of Nature Chapter 11 - Aron, Literary Marxism and Total War Chapter 12 - Chomsky, Illegitimate Authority and Global Anarchism Index ABOUT THE AUTHOR Cornelia Navari, Ph.D. (1991) in Political Science, University of Birmingham, is Visiting Professor of International Relations at the University of Buckingham and has published extensively on the history of thought on international relations. She is the author of Internationalism and the State in the 20th Century (Routledge, 2000) and editor of Theorising International Society: English School Methods (Palgrave, 2009).

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