Chrestomathia: Being a Collection of Papers, Explanatory of the Design of an Institution, Proposed to be Set on Foot, Under the Name of the Chrestomathic Day School, Or Chrestomathic School, for the Extension of the New System of Instruction to the Higher Branches of Learning, for the Use of the Middling and Higher Ranks in Life, Part 1

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Payne and Foss, and R. Hunter, 1816 - Education - 347 pages
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Page 209 - having-, without notice given of the change ; or of the relation between the import of the two words, substituted eloquence to rhetoric,—" The word eloquence, taken in its greatest " latitude, denotes" (he says) " that art or talent by which the " discourse is adapted to its end.
Page 337 - the genealogy, or (to borrow an expression from the mathematicians) the genesis, of the fictitious entity. From the observation, by which, for example, the words duties and rights are here spoken of as names of fictitious entities, let it not for a moment so much as be
Page 35 - The objects aimed at in and by these exercises will be,— 1. To render the scholar acquainted with the structure of language in general, and that of his own language in particular : and, thereby, to qualify him for speaking and writing, on all subjects and occasions, with clearness, correctness, and due effect—in his own language.
Page 332 - work, be sure it is not Nature that is doing it, but the author, or somebody or other whom he patronizes, and whom he has dressed up for the purpose in the goddess's robes. One word more, on the subject of a former topic, before this philosopher is parted with.—In
Page 311 - name of a real entity : and, even in his own view of the matter, the table (an utensil, which required wood to make it of, and a saw, &c. to make it with), would have been allowed to approach somewhat nearer to the state of reality, than a sort of entity, such as a quality, as
Page 314 - by a definition, viz. a definition per genus et differentiam. But, from their not being susceptible of this species of exposition, they do not the less stand in need of that species of exposition, of which they are susceptible.* By any person—should there be any such
Page 241 - that, by a want of acquaintance with the import of these particular words, nothing worse is indicated, than a correspondent want of acquaintance with the field of that particular trade or occupation ; not any want of acquaintance with any part of the general body of the language. The language of seamanship will
Page 3 - whereby, in connexion with a certain colour, it stands distinguished from all other fruits, as well as from all objects of all sorts. Take into consideration this or that individual orange, the ideas presented by the ßgure and colour, whereby it stands distinguished not only from other fruits, but even from other
Page 4 - at large, and colour at large : Here, at one jump, the mind has arrived at an idea, not only abstract, but vastly more abstract than in the case last mentioned. Instead of ßgure and colour, let us now say sensible qualities. Under this appellation are included not only figure and colour, but
Page 262 - ?—What a source of perplexity, of error, of discord, and even of bloodshed, would be dried up !—Towards a consummation thus devoutly to be wished, there does seem to be a natural tendency. But, ere this auspicious tendency shall have been perfected into

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