Christian Morals

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Henry Washbourne, 1845 - Christian ethics - 63 pages

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Page 29 - Sense unto Reason, and Experiment unto Speculation, and so give life unto Embryon Truths, and Verities yet in their Chaos. There is nothing more acceptable unto the Ingenious World, than this noble Eluctation of Truth ; wherein, against the tenacity of Prejudice and Prescription, this Century now prevaileth. What Libraries of new Volumes aftertimes will behold, and in what a new World of Knowledge the eyes of our Posterity may be happy, a few Ages may joyfully declare...
Page 63 - Lastly, if length of days be thy portion, make it not thy expectation. Reckon not upon long life ; but live always beyond thy account. He that so often surviveth his expectation lives many lives, and will scarce complain of the shortness of his days.
Page 51 - Organs reach not. Have a glimpse of incomprehensibles, and Thoughts of things which Thoughts but tenderly touch. Lodge immaterials in thy Head; ascend unto invisibles; fill thy Spirit with Spirituals, with the mysteries of Faith, the magnalities of Religion, and thy Life with the Honour of God...
Page 62 - Think not thy time short in this world, since the world itself is not long. The created world is but a small parenthesis in eternity ; and a short interposition for a time between such a state of duration, as was before it and may be after it.
Page 51 - Beasts; think of things long past, and long to come; acquaint thyself with the Choragium of the Stars, and consider the vast expansion beyond them. Let intellectual Tubes give thee a glance of things, which visive Organs reach not. Have a glimpse of incomprehensibles, and Thoughts of things which Thoughts but tenderly touch.
Page 29 - Pythagorean metempsychosis; whereby they might hope to enjoy this happiness in their third or fourth selves, and behold that in Pythagoras, which they now but foresee in Euphorbus. The world, which took but six 'days to make, is like to take six thousand to make out...
Page 45 - Browne quaintly observes that "unthinking heads who have not learnt to be alone, are a prison to themselves if they be not with others; whereas, on the contrary, those whose thoughts are in a fair and hurry within, are sometimes fain to retire into company to be out of the crowd of themselves." Still, I do not quite understand Emerson's idea that "men descend to meet.
Page 13 - Be substantially great in thyself, and more than thou appearest unto others ; and let the world be deceived in thee, as they are in the lights of heaven.
Page 17 - Blows make at us, but also like Retiary and Laqueary Combatants, with Nets, Frauds, and Entanglements fall upon us. Weapons for such combats are not to be forged at Lipara : Vulcan's Art doth nothing in this internal Militia: wherein not the Armour of Achilles, but the Armature of St. Paul, gives the Glorious day, and Triumphs not Leading up into Gapitols, but up into the highest Heavens.
Page 10 - Think not that morality is ambulatory ; that vices in one age are not vices in another; or that virtues, which are under the everlasting seal of right reason, may be stamped by opinion.

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