Historical Sketches of the South of India, in an Attempt to Trace the History of Mysoor, Etc, Volume 1

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Page 502 - But what judgment should we form of the Hindoo, who (if any of our institutions admitted the parallel) should forcibly pretend to stand between a Christian and the hope of eternal salvation? And shall we not hold him to be a driveller in politics and morals, a fanatic in religion, and a pretender in humanity, who would forcibly wrest this hope from the Hindoo widow?
Page 65 - The inhabitants give themselves no trouble about the breaking up and the division of kingdoms, while the village remains entire. They care not to what power it is transferred, or to what sovereign it devolves ; its internal economy remains unchanged...
Page 222 - I have made you what you are, and now you refuse me a place in which to hide my head. Do what you please, or what you can. I move not from Mysore.
Page 495 - Let the owner of the field enclose it with a hedge of thorny plants, over which a camel could not look ; and let him stop every gap, through which a dog or a bear could thrust his head.
Page 231 - Lally had arrived to command the French armies in India ; and his orders, directing M. Bussy, with all the troops that could be spared from the defence of the ceded provinces, to proceed without delay to Pondicherry, were received in the true spirit of a soldier, who considers obedience as his first duty. The expectation of these orders had induced M. Bussy to lead Salabut Jung towards Golconda : the garrison of Dowlutabad was withdrawn ; and on the 18th of July, Salabut Jung, who was unable to comprehend...
Page 121 - I will not deny myself," says Colonel W., " the pleasure of stating an incident related to me by a respectable public servant of the government of Mysore, who was sent in 1807 to assist in the adjustment of a disputed boundary between that territory and the district in charge of this collector. A violent dispute occurred in his presence between some villagers, and the party aggrieved threatened to go to Annantpoor and complain to their Father. He perceived that Colonel Munro was meant, and found...
Page 360 - That in case either of the contracting parties shall be attacked, they shall, from their respective countries, mutually assist each other to drive the enemy
Page 242 - Nature had given to Colonel Coote all that nature can confer in the formation of a soldier ; and the regular study of every branch of his profession, and experience in most of them, had formed an accomplished officer. A bodily frame of unusual vigour and activity, and mental energy always awake, were restrained from excessive action by a patience and temper which never allowed the spirit of enterprize to outmarch the dictates of prudence.
Page 181 - On the approach of an hostile army, the unfortunate inhabitants of India bury under ground their most cumbrous effects, and each individual man, woman, and child above six years of age (the infant children being carried by their mothers,) with a load of grain proportioned to their strength, issue from their...
Page 4 - In adverting to the incessant revolutions of these countries, the mind which has been accustomed to consider the different frames of polity which have existed in the world as one of the most interesting objects of intellectual enquiry, will be forcibly struck with the observation, that no change in the form or principles of government was the consequence either of foreign conquest, or successful rebellion ; and that in the whole scheme of polity, whether of the victors or the vanquished, the very...

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