The Evidence at Large, as Laid Before the Committee of the House of Commons, Respecting Dr. Jenner's Discovery of Vaccine Inoculation: Together with the Debate which Followed : and Some Observations on the Contravening Evidence, Etc

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J. Murray, 1805 - Vaccination - 213 pages
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Page 2 - However, on his being inoculated some months afterwards, it proved that he was secure. This case inspired me with confidence; and as soon as I could again furnish myself with Virus from the Cow, I made an arrangement for a series of inoculations. A number of children...
Page xiv - This for a while damped, but did not extinguish, my ardour; for as I proceeded, I had the satisfaction to learn that the cow was subject to some varieties of spontaneous eruptions upon her teats ; that they were all capable of communicating sores to the hands of the milkers ; and that whatever sore was derived from the animal was called in the dairy the cow-pox.
Page xiv - I found that some of those who seemed to have undergone the cote-pox, nevertheless, on inoculation with the small-pox, felt its influence just the same as if no disease had been communicated to them by the cow.
Page xiv - I found had undergone a disease they call the cow-pox, contracted by milking cows affected with a peculiar eruption on their teats. On inquiry, it appeared that it had been known among the dairies from time immemorial, and that a vague opinion prevailed that it was a preventive of the small-pox.
Page 2 - Many hundreds of them, from actual experience, have given their attestations that the inoculated cow-pox proves a perfect security against the small-pox ; and I shall probably be within compass if I say, thousands are ready to follow their example; for the scope that this inoculation has now taken is immense. An hundred thousand persons, upon the smallest computation, have been inoculated in these realms. The...
Page xiv - On inquiry, it appeared that it had been known among the dairies from time immemorial, and that a vague opinion prevailed that it was a preventive of the small-pox. This opinion I found was comparatively new among them ; for all the older farmers declared they had no such idea in their...
Page xv - This impediment to my progress was not long removed before another, of far greater magnitude in its appearances, started up. There were not wanting instances to prove that when the true cow-pox broke out among the cattle at a dairy...
Page 2 - ... small-pox — some by inoculation, others by variolous effluvia, and some in both ways — but they all resisted it. The result of these trials gradually led me into a wider field of experiment, which I went over not only with great attention, but with painful solicitude. This became universally known through a treatise published in June, 1798.
Page xv - ... effects in as great a degree as when it was not decomposed, and sometimes far greater ; but having lost its specific properties, it was incapable of producing...
Page 49 - ... but the rest of the family had the cow-pox in the usual way, and were not affected with the smallpox, although they were in the same room, and the children slept in the same bed with their brother who was confined to it with the natural smallpox; and subsequently with their mother. "I attended this family with my brother, Mr. H. Jenner.

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