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James R. Osgood and Company, 1877 - 98 pages
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Page 28 - She shook her ringlets from her hood And with a "Thank you, Ned," dissembled ; But yet I knew she understood With what a daring wish I trembled. A cloud passed kindly overhead, The moon was slyly peeping through it, Yet hid its face, as if it said — " Come, now or never ! do it 1 do it.
Page 21 - And with his goat's-eyes looked around Where'er the passing current drifted ; And soon, as on Trinacrian hills The nymphs and herdsmen ran to hear him, Even now the tradesmen from their tills, With clerks and porters, crowded near him.
Page 57 - Charlestown courthouse floor; How he spoke his grand oration, in the scorn of all denial; What the brave old madman told them, — these are known the country o'er. "Hang Old Brown, Osawatomie Brown.
Page 26 - Than I, who stepped before them all, Who longed to see me get the mitten. But no ; she blushed, and took my arm ! We let the old folks have the highway, And started toward the Maple Farm Along a kind of lover's by-way.
Page 47 - Border-strife grew warmer, Till the Rangers fired his dwelling, in his absence, in the night; And Old Brown, Osawatomie Brown, Came homeward in the morning to find his house burned down. Then he grasped his trusty rifle and boldly fought for freedom ; Smote from border unto border the fierce, invading band; And he and his brave boys vowed — so might Heaven help and speed 'em ! — They would save those grand old prairies from the curse that blights the land; And Old Brown, Osawatomie Brown, Said,...
Page 59 - One look to Heaven ! No thoughts of home ; The guidons that we bear are dearer. Charge ! Cling ! clang ! Forward, all ! Heaven help those whose horses fall — Cut left and right ! They flee before our fierce attack ! They fall ! they spread in broken surges. Now, comrades, bear our wounded back, And leave the focman to his dirges.
Page 18 - JUST where the Treasury's marble front Looks over Wall Street's mingled nations; Where Jews and Gentiles most are wont To throng for trade and last quotations; Where, hour by hour, the rates of gold Outrival, in the ears of people, The quarter-chimes, serenely tolled From Trinity's undaunted steeple...
Page 22 - ALgon, rough and merry, A Broadway Daphnis, on his tryst With Nais at the Brooklyn Ferry. A one-eyed Cyclops halted long In tattered cloak of army pattern, And Galatea joined the throng, — A blowsy, apple-vending slattern ; While old Silenus staggered out From some new-fangled lunch-house handy, And bade the piper, with a shout, To strike up Yankee Doodle Dandy...

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