Favorite Poems

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James R. Osgood and Company, 1877 - 98 pages
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Page 28 - She shook her ringlets from her hood And with a "Thank you, Ned," dissembled ; But yet I knew she understood With what a daring wish I trembled. A cloud passed kindly overhead, The moon was slyly peeping through it, Yet hid its face, as if it said — " Come, now or never ! do it 1 do it.
Page 21 - And with his goat's-eyes looked around Where'er the passing current drifted ; And soon, as on Trinacrian hills The nymphs and herdsmen ran to hear him, Even now the tradesmen from their tills, With clerks and porters, crowded near him.
Page 57 - Charlestown courthouse floor; How he spoke his grand oration, in the scorn of all denial; What the brave old madman told them, — these are known the country o'er. "Hang Old Brown, Osawatomie Brown.
Page 26 - Than I, who stepped before them all, Who longed to see me get the mitten. But no ; she blushed, and took my arm ! We let the old folks have the highway, And started toward the Maple Farm Along a kind of lover's by-way.
Page 47 - Border-strife grew warmer, Till the Rangers fired his dwelling, in his absence, in the night; And Old Brown, Osawatomie Brown, Came homeward in the morning to find his house burned down. Then he grasped his trusty rifle and boldly fought for freedom ; Smote from border unto border the fierce, invading band; And he and his brave boys vowed — so might Heaven help and speed 'em ! — They would save those grand old prairies from the curse that blights the land; And Old Brown, Osawatomie Brown, Said,...
Page 59 - One look to Heaven ! No thoughts of home ; The guidons that we bear are dearer. Charge ! Cling ! clang ! Forward, all ! Heaven help those whose horses fall — Cut left and right ! They flee before our fierce attack ! They fall ! they spread in broken surges. Now, comrades, bear our wounded back, And leave the focman to his dirges.
Page 100 - ... Critical Essays. By EDMUND CLARENCE STEDMAN. " We ought to be thankful to those "who do critical work with competent skill and understanding, "with honesty of purpose, and with diligence and thoroughness of execution. And Mr. Stedman, having chosen to work in this line, deserves the thanks of English scholars by these qualities and by something more ; ... he is faithful, studious, and discerning.
Page 18 - JUST where the Treasury's marble front Looks over Wall Street's mingled nations; Where Jews and Gentiles most are wont To throng for trade and last quotations; Where, hour by hour, the rates of gold Outrival, in the ears of people, The quarter-chimes, serenely tolled From Trinity's undaunted steeple...
Page 22 - ALgon, rough and merry, A Broadway Daphnis, on his tryst With Nais at the Brooklyn Ferry. A one-eyed Cyclops halted long In tattered cloak of army pattern, And Galatea joined the throng, — A blowsy, apple-vending slattern ; While old Silenus staggered out From some new-fangled lunch-house handy, And bade the piper, with a shout, To strike up Yankee Doodle Dandy...

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