The r-l register, with annotations by another hand

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J. Bew, 1779 - Great Britain
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Page 17 - Tacitus, and Seneca the philofopher, merit approbation. But I have always thought, that thofe pompous Roman fentiments are not fo difficult to be produced, as is vulgarly imagined; and which, indeed, dazzle only the vulgar. A ftroke of nature is, in my opinion, worth a hundred fuch thoughts as " When vice prevails, and impious men bear fway, The poft of honour is a private ftation.
Page 141 - ... It is not believed even at this time, by many people who live in the world, that he [King George] had a mistress previous to his marriage. Such a circumstance was reported by many, believed by some, disputed by others, but proved by none ; and with such a suitable caution was this intrigue conducted that if the body of the people called Quakers, of which this young lady in question was a member, had not divulged the fact by the public proceedings of their meeting concerning it, it would in all...
Page 9 - Prelacy, of the moft inferior kind : — indeed, it is there, or in the neighbourhood, that the tradition of the place fuppofes her to have been born. From thence, by one of the many...
Page 11 - Gwyn, who was very low in stature, speak an epilogue under the umbrella of it, with its brim stretched out in its utmost horizontal extension. No sooner did she appear in this strange dress, than the house was in convulsions of laughter.
Page 16 - Fields ; to the ringers of which, among many valuable donations to others, lhe left a fum of money, to fupply them with a weekly entertainment, which they enjoy to this day. Dr. Tennifon, afterwards Archbifhop of Canterbury, preached her...
Page 15 - Shafteftury, &c. till they left the bounds of decency ; — when fhe never failed to retire. She lived long enough to fee, and, without doubt, to lament, the decline of that Family which had raifed her to rank and fortune; having the good fenfe to avoid intermeddling with the politics of...
Page 14 - As a proof how much flie was in the favour of the People, an eminent Goldfmith, who died about twenty-five years ago, in the feventy-ninth year of his age, has often been heard to relate, that, when he was an apprentice, his...
Page 16 - Here fhe died in the year 1691, 'and was buried with great funeral folemnity in the parifh church of St. Martin's in the Fields ; to the ringers of which, among many valuable donations to 'others, fhe left a turn of money, to fupply them with weekly entertainment, which they enjoy to this day.

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