Catalogue of Antiquities in the National Museum of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

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Royal Institution, 1876 - Antiquities - 182 pages
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Page iv - ... by the Society of Antiquaries to the Government. It now belongs, not to us, but to Scotland; and we unhesitatingly call upon every true-hearted Scotsman to contribute, whenever it is in his power, to the extension of this Museum, as the best record and collection of the ancient Archaological and Historical Memorials of our Native Land. " We call for such a central ingathering and repository of Scottish Antiquities for another reason. Single specimens and examples of archaeological relics...
Page 159 - J ; inches wide, and less than ! inch in thickness, notched on the sides and pierced with two holes 1J inch apart, formerly used as a charm for the cure of diseases in Islay, Argyllshire. 183. " Barbreck's Bone," a plate of ivory 7J by 4 inches, formerly celebrated in Argyllshire as a cure for madness.
Page 177 - Anti-erastian, Anti-sectarian, true Presbyterian Church of Christ in Scotland ; United together in a General Correspondence ; By way of Reply to various Accusations in Letters, Informations, and Conferences given forth against them.
Page iv - Like stray single words or letters that have dropt out of the Book of Time, they themselves individually reveal nothing, but when placed alongside of other words and letters from the same book, they gradually form — under the fingers of the archaeologist — into lines, and sentences which reveal secret and stirring legends of the workings of the human mind and human hand in ages of which we have no other existing memorials.
Page 178 - Club, iii. 379-85, with facsimile.] [Declaration by the Lords and Senators of the College of Justice against the lawfulness of the Solemn League and Covenant, Preserved in the Scottish National Museum of Antiquities.
Page iv - Museum, by donations of all kinds, however slight and trivial they may seem to the donors, we plead for what is not any longer the property of this Society, but what is now the property of the nation. The Museum has been gifted over by the Society of Antiquaries to the Government — it now belongs, not to us, but to Scotland — and we unhesitatingly call upon every true-hearted Scotsman to contribute, whenever it is in his power, to the extension of this Museum, as the best record and collection...
Page 129 - Hadrianus Antoninus Augustus Pius, Father of his Country, the Second Legion, the August (dedicates this stone after having) made Four Thousand Six Hundred and Fifty-two paces (of the Wall). The panel to the right of the inscription has...
Page 130 - Museum, Edinburgh, having an inscription, to Caesar Augustus Pius in the centre. The panel to the left of the inscription has a sculptured representation of a mounted Roman soldier galloping over a group of two slain and twoliving Caledonians, naked and armed with. * spear, sword, dagger, and square shaped shield. The other panel bears a representation of the sacrifice of the...
Page 134 - Pair of double-barrelled Pistols, with flint locks, which formerly belonged to Robert Burns, the Poet, and were carried by him as an exciseman. In oak case. These pistols were presented by the Poet on his death-bed to his faithful friend and physician, Dr. Maxwell. Dumfries, whose daughter treasured them during her life, when they came into the possession of the Right Rev. Bishop Gillis, in 1858, and by him made a gift to...
Page 120 - Cross is 11 feet high, 19 inches broad, 4 inches thick. On a square panel on the shaft of the cross is the following inscription : HEC : EST : CRVX : DOMINI : YVARI : M : HEACHYRNA : QVODAM : RECTORIS : DE : KYL : RECAN : ET : DOMINI : ANDREE : NATI : Eivs : RECTORIS : DE : KIL : COMAN : Qvi : HANC : CRVCE : FIBRE : FACIE : BAT. An excellent cast of this cross is a prominent object in the Museum of the Soc. of Ant. , Edinburgh.

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