What a Man of Forty-five Ought to Know

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Vir Publishing Company, 1901 - Hygiene, Sexual - 284 pages
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Page 65 - ... also when they shall be afraid of that which is high, and fears shall be in the way, and the almond tree shall flourish, and the grasshopper shall be a burden, and desire shall fail: because man goeth to his long home, and the mourners go about the streets...
Page 186 - I rise early — at this time of the year, about half -past five ; in summer, half an hour, or even an hour, earlier. Immediately, with very little encumbrance of clothing, I begin a series of exercises, for the most part designed to expand the chest, and, at the same time, call into action all the muscles and articulations of the body.
Page 288 - Mrs. Mary A. Livermore, LL.D. " Full of physiological truths, which all children ought to know, at a proper age ; will be read by boys without awakening a prurient thought.
Page 286 - The manner in which the reproductive organs are injured in boys by abuse — Comparative anatomy, or points of resemblance between bodies of birds, animals and man— Man the only animal with a perfect hand — With the hand he constructs, builds and blesses — With the hand he smites, slays and injures others, and degrades himself. PART...
Page 186 - I have for many years observed seems to answer my purpose very well. I have reached a pretty advanced period of life without the usual infirmities of old age, and, with my strength, activity, and bodily faculties generally in pretty good preservation. How far this may be the effect of my way of life, adopted long ago, and steadily adhered to, is perhaps uncertain. " I rise early — at this time of the year, about half-past five ; in summer, half an hour, or even an hour, earlier.
Page 291 - I have not only carefully examined the book myself, but have submitted it to a competent physician, who has for years received the freest confidence of young men. I take pleasure in commending the book heartily and unqualifiedly to young men. It will save many a young fellow from the blast and blight of a befouled manhood, wrecked by the wretched blunderings of an ignorant youth." Frederick Anthony Atkins. " Such books as yours have long been needed, and if they had appeared sooner many a social...
Page 289 - I,ater complications — Chordee, stricture, blindness, etc.— How healthy brides become early and permanent invalids — Chancroid and chancre — The primary, secondary and tertiary forms of syphilis — The beginning, progress and end — Can it ever be cured — May the man ever marry— Effects upon wife and children. THE REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS Their purpose and prostitution — Marriage a great blessing — Difference between creation and procreation — All life from the seed or the egg —...
Page 290 - I bear willing testimony that I believe this book ought to be in the hands of every young man in this country." Paul F. Munde, MD, LL. D. Professor of Gynaecology in the New York Polyclinic and at Dartmouth College, says : "I most heartily commend not only the principle but the execution of what it aims to teach.
Page 186 - ... swung around my head. After a full hour, and sometimes more, passed in this manner, I bathe from head to foot. When at my place in the country, I sometimes shorten my...
Page 287 - It lifts the mind and thoughts upon a high and lofty plane upon delicate subjects. There is a great need for this book, and I hope it may be blessed to the elevation of the thoughts and hearts of the boys of this nation, and to the bringing in of a better and higher social condition.

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