The Miscellaneous Works of Oliver Goldsmith, M. B.: Including a Variety of Pieces, 2권

John Murray, 1837
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339 페이지 - O THOU, whose power o'er moving worlds presides ! Whose voice created, and whose wisdom guides ! On darkling man, in pure effulgence shine, And cheer the clouded mind with light divine.
457 페이지 - Now lost to all , her friends , her virtue fled , Near her betrayer's door she lays her head , And pinch'd with cold , and shrinking from the shower, With heavy heart deplores that luckless hour , When idly first, ambitious of the town , She left her wheel and robes of country brown.
258 페이지 - And drove those holy Vandals off the stage. But see! each Muse, in Leo's golden days, Starts from her trance, and trims her wither'd bays! Rome's ancient Genius, o'er its ruins spread, Shakes off the dust, and rears his rev'rend head. Then Sculpture and her sister-arts revive; Stones leap'd to form, and rocks began to live; With sweeter notes each rising Temple rung; A Raphael painted, and a Vida sung.
455 페이지 - Let me no longer waste the night over the page of antiquity or the sallies of contemporary genius, but pursue the solitary walk, where vanity, ever changing, but a few hours past walked before me where she kept up the pageant, and now, like a froward child seems hushed with her own importunities.
214 페이지 - I have not, Mr. Sterne,* was the answer ; ' and, to be plain with you, I am informed it is not proper for female perusal.' ' My dear good lady,' replied the author, ' do not be gulled by such stories ; the book is like your young heir there ' (pointing to a child of three years old, who was rolling on the carpet in his white tunics), ' he shows at times a good deal that is usually concealed, but it is all in perfect innocence...
257 페이지 - The family of Confucius is, in my opinion, the most illustrious in the world. After a painful ascent of eight or ten centuries, our barons and princes of Europe are lost in the darkness of the middle ages; but, in the vast equality of the empire of China, the posterity of Confucius have maintained, above two thousand two hundred years, their peaceful honours and perpetual succession. The chief of the family is still revered, by the sovereign and the people, as the lively image of the wisest of mankind.
457 페이지 - Why, why was I born a man, and yet see the sufferings of wretches I cannot relieve ! Poor houseless creatures ! the world will give you reproaches, but will not give you relief. The slightest misfortunes of the great, the most imaginary uneasiness of the rich, are aggravated with all the power of eloquence, and held up to engage our attention and sympathetic sorrow. The poor weep unheeded, persecuted by every subordinate species of tyranny ; and every law which gives others...
288 페이지 - ... vying with that which was formed by art, the company gaily dressed looking satisfaction, and the tables spread with various delicacies, all conspired to fill my imagination with the visionary happiness of the Arabian lawgiver, and lifted me into an ecstasy of admiration. "Head of Confucius," cried I to my friend, "this is fine!
335 페이지 - The first time I read an excellent book, it is to me just as if I had gained a new friend. When I read over a book I have perused before, it resembles the meeting with an old one.
456 페이지 - Their wretchedness rather excites horror than pity. Some are without the covering even of rags, and others emaciated with disease : the world has disclaimed them ; society turns its back upon their distress, and has given them up to nakedness and hunger.

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