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1899 - Ireland
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Page 266 - The largest of these is little more than half a mile in length and about a quarter of a mile wide.
Page 187 - Unto this place, albeit so small and poor, great homage shall yet be paid, not only by the Kings and people of the Scots, but by the rulers of barbarous and distant nations, with their people also. In great veneration, too, shall it be held by the holy men of other Churches.
Page 272 - Beddall, and the master of that stands at the altar and prayeth, the rest kneel upon their knees and join with him. Their religion is the Romish religion. There is always one who is chief, and commands the rest, and they are so well satisfied with their condition, that they exceedingly bewail the condition of those, as supernumerary, they must send out of this island.
Page 193 - Kirkapoll Bay. Here are two distinct burying-grounds. One of them contains the ruins of an old church, and several of the narrow decorated tombstones of the lona pattern, some of which are probably to be reckoned among the numerous spoliations of the Sacred Isle : one of them, in particular, which bears the following inscription on the bevel of its margin : — FINGONIVS : PRIOR : DE Y : ME : DEDID : PHILIPPO : IOANNIS : ET : svis : FILIIS : ANNO DOMINI M° cccc° xcii°.
Page 267 - ... paces of the Altar, they all strip themselves of their upper garments at once, and their upper clothes being laid upon a stone, which stands there on purpose for that use, all the crew pray three times before they begin Fowling ; the first day they say the first Prayer advancing towards the Chappel upon their knees ; the second prayer is said as they go round the Chappel ; the third is said hardly oral the Chappel and this is their Morning Service.
Page 41 - Society, each name having been previously submitted to and approved of by the Council, with the name of a Fellow or Member as proposer. Each Fellow shall pay an Entrance Fee of £'1, and an Annual Subscription of £1, or a Life Composition of £14, which includes the Entrance Fee of £2. 4. MEMBERS shall be similarly elected, on being proposed by a Fellow or Member, and shall pay an Entrance Fee of 10*.
Page 207 - Va te r ni ¿ h is recorded in the " Annals of the Four Masters
Page 273 - ... his Neighbours ; for they doubted not but this ancient Ceremony would have been very acceptable to me ; and one of them told me, That this was a thing due to my Character from them, as to their Chief and Patron, and they could not, nor would not fail to perform it. They conducted me to the...
Page 424 - CB, with instructions to inquire and report as to any arrangements now in operation for the collection, custody, indexing, and calendaring of local records, and as to any further measures which it may be advisable to take for this purpose.

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