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D. Appleton and Company, 1917 - Genito-urinary organs - 908 pages
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Symptoms Course and Complications of Acute Urethral Gon orrhea in the Male
Course and Complications of Chronic Urethral Gonorrhea
Nongonorrheal Urethritis
Diagnosis of Gonorrheal Urethritis
Methods and Drugs Employed tor the Local Treatment of Urethritis
Systemic Treatment of Urethral Gonorrhea
Local Treatment of Acute Gonorrhea
Local Treatment of Chronic Urethritis
XXVI Spasmodic and Congenital Stricture
Organic Stricture of the UrethraEtiology Pathology Symp toms Results Diagnosis
Stricture of the Urethra Prognosis and Treatment
Anatomy PhysiologyProstatism
Symptoms Diagnosis and Prognosis of Prostatism
Treatment of Prostatism
Malignant Neoplasms of the ProstateNeoplasms of the Urethra
CHAPTER page XXXIII Etiology or Infection or the Upper Urinary Tract
Pathology of Renal Infection
The Clinical Picture of Renal Infection
Diagnosis of Renal Infection
Treatment of Renal Infection
VarietiesEtiologyTreatment Other than Radical 3 75
Renal and Ureteral Calculus
Calculi and Foreign Bodies of Bladder and Urethra
Genitourinary Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis of the Kidney
Tuberculosis and Simple Ulceration of the BladderTubercu losis of the Prostate and Seminal Vesicles
Movable Kidney
The Ureters and Their Diseases
Physiology and Various Diseases of the Bladder
Diseases Peculiar to the Female Bladder
Cysts and Tumors of the Kidney ll

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Page 283 - The function of the testis, like that of the ovary, is twofold, — the reproduction of the species, and the development and preservation of the secondary sexual characteristics of the individual. The need for the exercise of the latter function ceases when full adult life is reached, but it is possible that the activity of the testis and ovary in this respect does not disappear coincidently, and that hypertrophies in closely-allied organs like the prostate and uterus are the result of this misdirected...
Page 170 - These or other incipient symptoms persist for a period, varying from a few hours to two or three days, or even weeks, before the sneezing supervenes.
Page 445 - This diminution in the capacity of the middle zone depresses the kidney so that the constricted outlet of the zone comes above the center of the organ and all acts, such as coughing, straining, lifting, flexions of the body, etc., which tend to adduct the lower ribs press on the upper pole of the kidney and crowd it still further downward. 4. It is the long continued repetition, in a suitable body form, of these influences, which collectively may be called internal traumata, that gradually produces...
Page 157 - GONORRHEA, or gonorrheal urethritis, is the most venereal of all venereal diseases, since it is the commonest malady acquired during the copulative act. A most respectable antiquity is given to gonorrhea by the fifteenth chapter of Leviticus, although it is contended that the discharge known to the Jewish lawgiver was a simple urethritis, and that gonorrhea did not appear until later (according to Astruc in the year 1545-46).
Page 451 - The lumen of the ureter is slightly constricted at three points: (1) A distinct narrowing at a point about 2 cm. from its upper extremity, (2) a slight narrowing where it crosses the brim of the pelvis, and (3) a muscular constriction at its entrance into the bladder. Structure — The ureter is composed of three coats : the fibrous, the muscular, and the mucous. The fibrous external coat runs continuously from the fibrous envelope of the kidney and its pelvis to the bladder. It is a tough, glistening,...
Page 707 - It will now be seen that the traction upon this catgut loop passing through the wall of the ureter will draw the upper fragment of the duct into the lower portion. This...
Page 613 - After passing through the inguinal canal the vas curves obliquely downward and backward over the base of the bladder, crosses behind the ureter and runs to the inner side of that duct, separated from it by the seminal vesicle. At this point it becomes...
Page 783 - ... followed by normal salt solution. The incision of the tunica vaginalis is lightly closed with a running catgut suture; a cigarette drain of gauze is then laid over the incision, the skin being brought together with a subcutaneous silver wire suture, the cigarette drain passing out at the lower angle of the wound (Hagner).
Page 557 - The disease begins as one or more small, soft warts or tubercles, usually at the .lower forepart of the scrotum. These remain unchanged for a time, but finally indurate slightly, become excoriated, scab over, and ulcerate, the ulcer extending backward, and destroying, with more or less rapidity, the whole scrotum. Sometimes the testicles are involved, sometimes they escape.
Page 621 - The colic occurs at the moment of ejaculation, during coitus, or during a nocturnal emission. The pain is very sharp, colicky in fact, and nauseating. It is centralized about an inch up the rectum, or at the neck of the bladder, and thence radiates up the posterior wall of the pelvis or to the testicles. The pain is caused by the impaction of a concretion or a mass of inspissated semen in the duct. The obstruction may be forced, and a painful and deficient emission ensue after a few moments of colic,...

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