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Page 13 - All whiche vj. playes being chosen owte of many and ffownde to be the best that then were to be had ; the same also being often pused, T; necessarely corrected T; amended by all thafforeseide officers.
Page xx - James' the xviijth of October the Sixte yere of oure Reigne. To oure trustie and welbeloued suante Ex. pr. Honynge. John Tamworthe Esquier Keper of osr prie pursse and to the Kepr of the same for the tyme beinge. This, though of a later date, is far from devoid of interest. [Audit Office Enrolments, 1660-1673, p. 707.] These are to pray and require you to pay or cause to be paid unto Pelham Humphryes Master of the Children of His Ma...
Page xxiv - Whitehall the 12th of March 1636. Pembroke and Montgomery. To Sr William Uvedale Kn'. Tr'er of His Mats Chamber. [From the Original.] Playes acted before the Kinge and Queene this present yeare of the Lord 1636. 1 . Easter munday at the Cockpitt the firste parte of Arviragus.* 2.
Page xxxv - for the maintenance and relief of himself and the rest of his company, being prohibited to present any plays publicly in or near London, by reason of great peril that might grow through the extraordinary concourse and assembly of people, to a new increase of the plague, till it shall please God to settle the city in a more perfect health.
Page 223 - Then for comedies, to speake of a London comedie, how much good matter, yea and matter of state, is there in that Comedie cald the play of the Cards ? in which it is showed, how foure Parasiticall knaues robbe the foure principall vocations of the Realme, videl.
Page 13 - Having also apt howses, made of Canvasse, fframed, ffashioned T; paynted accordingly ; as mighte best serve theier severall purposes. Together with sundry properties incident : ffashioned, paynted, garnished, and bestowed as the partyes them selves required T; needed. Whereupon, somuche of all manner of the Emptions T; pvisions aforeseide, as was expedient T; reMaskes vj vidz.
Page 13 - Narcissf showen on Twelfe daye at nighte by the Children of the Chappell. Cloridon and Radiamanta showen on Shrovesundaye at Nighte by Sr Robert Lanes men. Paris and Vienna showen on Shrovetewsdaie at nighte pIayes v; by the Children of Westminster.
Page 147 - For a hoope and blewe Lynnen cloth to mend the clowde that was Borrowed and cut to serve the rock in the plaie of the burnyng Knight and for the hire therof and setting upp the same where it was borowed ; x8.
Page xviii - ... of the late prince wthout anie graunte in wrytinge were allowed yerelie somes by way of Anuyties or pencons, out of the privie purse of the said late prince, viz : Joshua Siluester poett xx". Mr. Drayton a poet x".
Page 36 - Banketting frutes necessaryes Botehier and Re•wardes Thomas Blagrave esquier for mony by him disbursed in Rewarde to Muzitians that plaide at the proofe of Duttons play ; ij8. vjd. To Robert Baker for drawing of patternes for the playe of fortune T; altering the same ; vj8.

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