Primary Malignant Growths of the Lungs and Bronchi: A Pathological and Clinical Study

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Longmans, Green, 1912 - Electronic books - 325 pages
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Page 11 - A case of malignant deposit in the bronchial glands, infiltrating the lung, ending in ulceration and the formation of cavities, is frequently set down as one of hopeless phthisis, a post-mortem on which would be of no interest, and all record of the frequency of the disease is in consequence entirely lost.
Page 70 - ... observed, chiefly at the right side of the heart. Aneurism, circumscribed pleuritic effusion, and enlargement of the heart ; pleuro-pneumonia, pleurisy, and hepatization in consequence of the previous pneumonia ; solidification from tubercles, &c., &c., were each successively advocated : as to myself, I became quite tired of the difficulty of attempting to explain the phenomena observed, with any of the diseases I had originally fixed on as the cause of the symptoms ; and latterly, however erroneously...
Page 3 - Company, 1912, pp 3-12. ready to furnish, to all but a very few, a comfortable and satisfactory diagnosis. Most textbooks hardly notice lung tumors, and if they give the subject any consideration it is, for the most part, insufficient. Thus the well-known and still authoritative textbook on Diseases of the Lungs and Pleurae, including Tuberculosis and Mediastinal Growths, by Sir R. Douglas Powell and P.
Page 68 - ... of a cancerous character; expectoration similar in appearance to currant jelly ; resistance of symptoms to ordinary treatment. That, though none of the physical signs of this disease are (separately considered) peculiar to it, yet that their combinations and modes of succession are not seen in any other affection of the lung.
Page 11 - ... seems hardly room for doubt that the increase in the percentage of lung tumors is to be attributed mainly to the increased attention paid to these types of tumor and the greater care and more extensive microscopic investigation with which autopsies are carried out at present. As early as 1837, Stokes40 had already remarked that in his experience lung tumors are by no means as rare, either in England or in Ireland, as was generally assumed...
Page 22 - The domestic life led by women, with their consequent retirement and immunity from the irritations and traumatisms which must be frequent in the more unprotected life of men (the abuse of tobacco and alcohol, the many trades and vocations which are accompanied by irritations of the respiratory organs, etc) has been adduced in explanation of this fact.
Page 7 - Krebs und Tuberkulose in beruflicher Beziehung vom Standpunkte der vergleichenden internationalen Statistik, Berlin, 1910.
Page 110 - Percentage of years in which duration of growing season was: 12 months 11 months 10 months 9 months 8 months 7 months 6 months...
Page 109 - When all the means of diagnosis outlined in this little study fail, where there are suspicions of tumor but no assurance is possible, there should be — it is emphatically here stated — as little hesitation in resorting to an exploratory thoracotomy as there is now in submitting to an exploratory laparotomy.
Page 92 - A bronchial cancer, it is indifferent of what order the bronchus may be, whether large or small, has two main preformed routes of extension at its disposal. The easiest and most natural, and the one that is in the majority of cases first resorted to, is along the bronchial ramifications and the peribronchial tissue into the interior of the lung.

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