Memoirs of the History of France During the Reign of Napoleon, Volume 7

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H. Colburn and Company, 1824 - France
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Page i - Memoirs of the History of France during the reign of Napoleon, dictated by the Emperor at Saint Helena to the Generals who shared his captivity; and published • from the Original Manuscripts corrected by himself.
Page 71 - The contributions laid on the countries you have conquered have fed, maintained, and paid the army ; besides which you have sent thirty millions to the minister of finance for the use of the public treasury. You have enriched the Museum of Paris with 300 masterpieces of the arts of ancient and modern Italy, which it had required thirty centuries to produce.
Page 281 - His victories were only so many doors, and he never for a moment lost sight of his way onward, in the dazzle and uproar of the present circumstance. He knew what to do, and he flew to his mark. He would shorten a straight line to come at his object.
Page 71 - Italy, which has given you eternal claims to the gratitude of your country. You have been victorious in fourteen pitched battles and seventy actions; you have taken 100,000 prisoners, 500 field-pieces, 2000 heavy cannon, and four pontoon-trains.
Page 270 - Campo-Formio, ratified by the Emperor. This peace secures the liberty, prosperity, and glory of the Republic. When the happiness of the French people shall be established upon the best-founded laws, the whole of Europe will become free.
Page 71 - The Kings of Sardinia and Naples, the Pope, and the Duke of Parma are separated from the Coalition. You have expelled the English from Leghorn, Genoa, and Corsica. Yet higher destinies await you : you will prove yourselves worthy of them ! Of all the foes who conspired to stifle the Republic in its birth, the Emperor alone remains before you.
Page 9 - I am the friend of all the nations of Italy, and particularly of the people of Rome. You are free : return to your families, and tell them that the French are the friends of religion, of order, and of the poor.
Page 91 - Has not this war already lasted six years ? Have we not killed men enough, and inflicted sufficient sufferings on the human race ? Humanity calls loudly upon us. Europe has laid down the arms she took up against the French Republic. Your nation alone perseveres ; yet blood is to flow more copiously than ever. Fatal omens attend the opening of this campaign.
Page 92 - ... race, and the saviour of Germany ? Do not imagine, Sir. that I mean to deny that it may be possible to save Germany by force of arms ; but even supposing the chances of war should become favorable to you, the country would nevertheless be ravaged.

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