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Page 48 - She answered not with railing words, But drew her apron o'er her face, And, sobbing, glided from the place. And only pausing at the door, Her sad eyes met the troubled gaze Of one who, in her better days, Had been her warm and steady friend, Ere yet her mother's doom had made Even Esek Harden half afraid. He felt that mute appeal of tears, And, starting, with an angry frown Hushed all the wicked murmurs down.
Page 32 - The house-dog answer with his howl. And kept astir the barn-yard fowl ; And quaint old songs their fathers sung In Derby dales and Yorkshire moors, Ere Norman William trod their shores ; And tales, whose merry license shook The fat sides of the Saxon thane, Forgetful of the hovering Dane, — Rude plays to Celt and Cimbri known, The charms and riddles that beguiled On Oxus...
Page 65 - He laid his hand upon her arm : "Dear Mabel, this no more shall be; Who scoffs at you, must scoff at me. "You know rough Esek Harden well^ And if he seems no suitor gay, And if his hair is touched with gray, "The maiden grown shall never find His heart less warm than when she smiled, Upon his knees, a little child...
Page 20 - Here, ground-fast in their native fields, Untempted by the city's gain, The quiet farmer folk remain Who bear the pleasant name of Friends, And keep their fathers...
Page 35 - From lips of maid or throat of bird ; For Mabel Martin sat apart, And let the hay-mow's shadow fall Upon the loveliest face of all. She sat apart, as one forbid, Who knew that none would condescend To own the Witch-wife's child a friend. The seasons scarce had gone their round, Since curious thousands thronged...
Page 30 - And others by a merry voice Or sweet smile guided to their choice. How pleasantly the rising moon, Between the shadow of the mows, Looked on them through the great elmboughs ! On sturdy boyhood, sun-embrowned, On girlhood with its solid curves Of healthful strength and painless nerves! And jests went round, and laughs that made The house-dog answer with his howl, And kept astir the barn-yard fowl ; And quaint old songs their fathers...
Page 52 - The broadest lands in all the town, The skill to guide, the power to awe, Were Harden's ; and his word was law. None dared withstand him to his face, But one sly maiden spake aside : " The little witch is evil-eyed ! " Her mother only killed a cow, Or witched a churn or dairy-pan ; But she, forsooth, must charm a man ! " Poor Mabel, in her lonely home, Sat by the window's narrow pane, White in the moonlight's silver rain.
Page 38 - Dear God and Father of us all, Forgive our faith in cruel lies, — Forgive the blindness that denies!
Page 69 - She greets you kindly, one and all ; The past is past, and all offence Falls harmless from her innocence. " Henceforth she stands no more alone; You know what Esek Harden is; — He brooks no wrong to him or his.

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