The Western Manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge: Class O [Gale mss

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Page 531 - The Discourse of John Selden, Esq., or his sense of various matters of weight and high consequence Relating especially to Religion and State. Distingue tempora.
Page 1 - rosemary was unknown in England, and that it was first sent from the Countess of Hainault to her daughter Queen Philippa.
Page 302 - In how many maners schalt thou by gynne to make Latyn. By foure, by ryghtfull order of
Page 298 - VII, leaving a son Anthony (Blomefield's Norfolk, V. 1198, folio ed.). The book has evidently been in the Thwaites and Knevet families, for their arms are found in various combinations on the margins; and as the Thwaites arms do not appear in the first part, which contains the story of Generydes, whereas the Knevet arms are of frequent occurrence,
Page 472 - perhaps older. It contains, however, the writing of several hands, and the first part, to v. 256, is probably of saec. xiii.
Page 210 - by John Rastell. And also by the same John imprynted and fully fynyshed the x daye of October, the yere of
Page 160 - a great deale of the hidden mysteryes of Nature, partly by an experimental Conclusion, as also by an intellectual speculation. Wrighten as a Declaration unto the
Page 233 - et regnat cum deo patre in unitate spiritus sancti deus per omnia
Page 497 - here feyre and loke ye plesant be And then pluk of here bellys and let here fly.