Infantry Drill Regulations

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Page 25 - At the command march, given as either foot strikes the ground, advance and plant the other foot ; bring up the foot in rear and continue the cadence by alternately raising each foot about 2 inches and planting it on line with the other. Being at a halt, at the command march, raise and plant the feet as described above.
Page 92 - On all occasions of ceremony, except funeral escort, troops are arranged from right to left in line, and from head to rear in column, in the following order: First, infantry; second, light artillery; third, cavalry.
Page 64 - Sir, all present or accounted for, or the names of the unauthorized absentees, and, without command, takes his post. If the company can not be formed by squads, the first sergeant commands : 1. Inspection, 2. ARMS, 3. Right shoulder, 4. ARMS, and calls the roll. Each man, as his name is called, answers here and executes order arms.
Page 12 - There are two kinds of commands: The preparatory command, such as forward, indicates the movement that is to be executed. The command of execution, such as MARCH, HALT, or ARMS, causes the execution.
Page 148 - ... their staffs and orderlies place themselves respectively on the left of the staff and orderlies of the reviewing officer ; all others who accompany the reviewing officer place themselves on the left of his staff, their orderlies in rear.
Page 54 - In aiming kneeling, the left elbow rests on the left knee, point of elbow in front o'f kneecap. In aiming sitting, the elbows are supported by the knees. In aiming lying down, raise the piece with both hands; rest on both elbows and press the butt firmly against the right shoulder. At the command fire press the finger against the trigger; fire without deranging the aim and without lowering or turning the piece; lower the piece in the position of Load and load.
Page 24 - The instructor, when necessary, indicates the cadence of the step by calling one, two, three, four, or left, right, the instant the left and right foot, respectively, should be planted.
Page 18 - Heels on the same line and as near each other as the conformation of the man permits. Feet turned out equally and forming an angle of about 45 degrees.
Page 29 - First. In all positions of the left hand at the balance (center of gravity, bayonet unfixed) the thumb clasps the piece; the sling is included in the grasp of the hand. Second. In all positions of the piece " diagonally across the body " the position of the piece, left arm and hand are the same as in port arms.
Page 9 - Center: The middle point or element of a command. Column: A formation in which the elements are placed one behind another.

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