Silent and True, Or, A Little Queen: A Novel

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G.W. Carleton, 1877 - 460 pages
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Page 144 - I had died for this last year, to know You loved me. Who shall turn on fate ? I care not if love come or go Now, though your love seek mine for mate, It is too late.
Page 306 - You thought, miss! I don't know any business you have to think at all — thought does not become a young woman. But the point we would request of you is, that you will promise to forget this fellow — to illiterate him, I say, quite from your memory.
Page 306 - But I say it is, miss; there is nothing on earth so easy as to forget, if a person chooses to set about it. I'm sure I have as much forgot...
Page 465 - Charles Dickens himself — and the paper, printing, and binding are of an attractive and substantial character. This beautiful new edition is complete hi 15 volumes — at the extremely reasonable price of $1.50 per volume, as follows: — I.
Page 307 - What business have you, miss, with preference and aversion? They don't become a young woman; and you ought to know, that as both always wear off, 'tis safest in matrimony to begin with a little aversion. I am sure I hated your poor dear uncle before marriage as if he'd been a blackamoor — and yet, miss, you are sensible what a wife I made! — and when it pleased Heaven to release me from him, 'tis unknown what tears I shed!
Page 465 - An entirely new edition is now, however, published by GW Carleton & Co. of New York, which, it is believed, will, in every respect, completely satisfy the popular demand. — It is known as " Carleton'!! New Illustrated Edition.
Page 465 - This beautiful new edition is complete in 15 volumes — at the extremely reasonable price of $1.50 per volume, as follows : — I PICKWICK PAPERS AND CATALOGUE. 2. — OLIVER TWIST. — UNCOMMERCIAL TRAVELLER. 3 DAVID COPPERFIELD. 4. — GREAT EXPECTATIONS. — ITALY AND AMERICA. 5.
Page 312 - I shall pray for your happiness with the truest sincerity ; and the dearest blessing I can ask of Heaven to send you will be to charm you from that unhappy temper, which alone has prevented the performance of our solemn engagement. All I request of you is, that you will yourself reflect upon this infirmity, and when you number up the many true delights it has deprived you of, let it not be your least regret, that it lost you the love of one who would have followed you in beggary through the world...
Page 468 - Weekly. The volumes already published are as follows: — Thrown on the World — A Novel by BERTHA M. CLAY. Peerless Cathleen — A Novel by CUHA AGNEW.
Page 299 - O'Trigger line, that would furnish the new room ; every one of whom had killed his man ! — For though the mansion-house and dirty acres have slipped through my fingers, I thank heaven our honour and the family-pictures are as fresh as ever.

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