Shah Rukh Can: The Story of the Man and Star Called Shah Rukh Khan

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 This book is the best window into Shah Rukh Khan s inner world and soul. Mushtaq, being a friend of the family, is the best artist for this family portrait portrayal.

If Shah Rukh Khan has been known for his non-stop talk then writer Mushtaq Sheikh too doesn't appear far behind when it comes to translating his thoughts into words. He writes, and writes and then further writes about Shah Rukh, something that makes one feel that more than a friend and a colleague, Mushtaq looks at Shah Rukh as a hero. Someone who is not just his hero but also an entire country's - correction, entire world's hero! It is this very 'fan factor' that makes 'Shah Rukh Can' a read that seems to be coming straight from an admirer's heart.

What makes this book special is that a lot of the material (words and pictures) is stuff that we haven't seen before. There are some things even Google's search algorithms cannot find. But Mushtaq Shiekh can.

From a book that claims to talk about 'The Life and Times of Shah Rukh Khan', the least you expect is some trivia from the actor's life, both personal and professional, about which not much has been written about in the past. The kind which makes you wonder if something like that had really happened in the actor's life. Thankfully, Mushtaq extracts quite some trivia out of the actor's life. So you get to know how Shah Rukh was offered the role of Anil Kapoor's car driver in 1942 - A Love Story, which he rejected (of course!). Eventually Raghuvir Yadav did that role. Or how Shah Rukh completely surrendered to the director's vision and withdrew himself when he couldn't follow the trajectory of Subhash Ghai's Pardes. It's a different matter though that Shah Rukh was appreciated for his performance in the film but so was he in Karan Arjun too, which by the way he dared not watch over the years because he didn't connect with the role.

There are number of such little instances that make 'Shah Rukh Can' an interesting read. But is it just about the actor and the trivia around his life? Not at all. One of the unexplored facets of Shah Rukh that is covered in the book in extensive detail is his views around acting v/s performances.

This book is the best window into Shah Rukh Khan's inner world and soul. 

Mushtaq, being a friend of the family, is the best artist for this family portrait.

It's almost like having Shah Rukh Khan over for coffee. - Karan JoharCompelling. A story you need to read if you feel the need to be inspired. - TabuThis book catches Shah Rukh Khan in his personal and professional space with versatile ease. - Subhash GhaiA book that I could not keep down. Worthy of many reads - Farah KhanIt's not a book it unfolds like a movie. - Ashutosh GowarikarIt's a beautifully crafted book. It's very difficult to catch the radiance of a man and star like Shah Rukh Khan. Mushtaq Shiekh not only manages it but also shocks you by adding further value. - Santosh SivanWhen a writer of the calibre of Mushtaq is writing a book about me, then I presume the book I am writing can wait. - Shah Rukh Khan

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awsm bookk about SRK... great work by Mushtaq Shiekh

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