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Awesome! A 60-year-old book that is still very readable. This presents Columbus in a very realistic manner. It logically disputes theories that have been used to disparage Columbus's birth claims, language, and his skills, yet honestly portrays his often harsh treatment of American natives. The author spent 2 years traveling Columbus's routes in similar boats and brings a lot of sailing jargon to the book, but also a lot of experience because of this. 

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Jacquita Adams
October 14,2008
Christopher Columbus
Book:Admiral of the Ocean Sea:A life of Christopher Columbus
Christopher Columbus was born in 1451. he was the oldest of five children.he loved to work with is dad at sea. Columbus was a weaverin his younger years.He was born in an ancient city called Genoa.He had a joyous sense of adventure and desire to win wealth and recognition. He was modern.He always had questions about the sea.He was very interested in sailing to find new undiscovered lands.
Everyone honors him in Genoese.He workedfor honor.There are question that still haven't been answered correctly like;What exact date was Columbus born? and did he really discover america? The questions have been answered,but there are opinions lurking within those answers.The conclusion is Christopher Columbus was a sailer whom people believe discovered America.Thats who Christopher Columbus is.

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