Essays on Indian Antiquities, Historic, Numismatic, and PalŠographic, of the Late James Prinsep: To which are Added His Useful Tables, Illustrative of Indian History, Chronology, Modern Coinages, Weights, Measures, Etc, Volume 2

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Page 14 - our own TRANSLATION. and Ketalaputra, even as far as Tambapanni (Ceylon)—and moreover, within the dominions of Antiochus the Greek (of which Antiochus' generals are the rulers)— everywhere the heaven-beloved Raja Piyadasi's double system of medical aid is established, both medical aid for men, and medical aid for animals: together with medicaments of all sorts, which
Page 105 - OBVERSE : — (From the Koran) — ' It is he that sendeth his messenger for righteousness,' etc. [Surat, ix. 33, and Ixi. 9.] There is no God but God, Muhammad is the prophet of God ! — The
Page 33 - beginning of the Christian era at least; how much earlier is less easily determined. . . . We may consider it, then, established upon the most probable evidence, that the chief Sanskrit authorities of the Buddhists still in our possession were written, at the latest, from a century and a half before, to as much after,
Page 104 - race : may God perpetuate his kingdom and his dominion ! Struck at Isfahan, AH 1118 (AD 1694). REVERSE : — There is no God but God ! Muhammad is the prophet of God ; AU is the
Page 51 - only reduced to a dependent position, and eventually, in most instances, incorporated in the Aryan community, the large Sanskrit addition which the Scythian vernaculars received would not necessarily alter their essential structure, or deprive them of the power of influencing and assimilating the speech of the conquering race. According to this theory, the grammatical
Page 144 - The months were the same as those used in the Grecian era. The year is similar to the Julian. To reduce it to our era, subtract 124; and if the given year be less than 125, deduct it from 125, and the remainder will be the year before
Page 26 - the coinage of silver in the Bombay mint was suspended for twenty years, and the Surah's alone were seen in circulation. At length, in 1800, the Company ordered the then Surat rupee to be struck at Bombay, and thenceforth it became fixed at 179 grains weight, 164.74 pure. The muhr was also equalized in weight thereto.
Page 108 - Grammatik,' p. 175, etc.), beyond what De Sacy had already taught us in 1793. In brief, our power of interpretation fails us exactly where the Sassanians have omitted to supply us with the Greek translations they appended to some of the parallel texts, which, however, unfortunately extend but little beyond the titular
Page 187 - on the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 18th, 21st, 24th, 26th, and 29th years of a cycle of 30 lunar years. For further particulars, see page 144. APPLICATION OP THE SCALE. To
Page 140 - Style : the first day will not always be quite accurate, as certain lucky and unlucky days require the postponement of a day in some years. The year must be divided by 19, and the remainder will shew the year of the cycle. If there be no remainder, it is the nineteenth year.

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