Outlines of British Fungology: Containing Characters of Above a Thousand Species of Fungi and a Complete List of All that Have Been Described as Natives of The British Isles

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Lovell Reeve, 1860 - Fungi - 442 pages
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Page 554 - THE TOURIST'S FLORA ; a Descriptive Catalogue of the Flowering Plants and Ferns of the British Islands, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and the Italian Islands.
Page 555 - A Second Century of Orchidaceous Plants, selected from the Subjects published in Curtis's " Botanical Magazine " since the issue of the "First Century.
Page 557 - Handbook of the New Zealand Flora ; a Systematic Description of the Native Plants of New Zealand, and the Chatham, Kermadec's, Lord Auckland's, Campbell's, and Macquarrie's Islands.
Page 562 - Royal 8vo, 2 vcls., 478 pp., 62 Coloured Plates, 2. 16*. Intended as a guide to the collector of shells in arranging and naming his specimens, while at the same time inducing him to study them with reference to their once living existence, geographical distribution, and habits. Fortysix of the plates are devoted to the illustration of the genera of shells, and sixteen to shells with the living animal, all beautifully coloured by hand. THE LAND AND FRESHWATER MOLLUSKS indigenous to, or naturalized...
Page 556 - Antarctica' illustrates the Botany of the southern districts of South. America and the various Antarctic Islands, as the Falklands, Kerguelen's Land, Lord Auckland and Campbell's Island, and 1370 species are enumerated and described. The plates, which are executed by Mr. Fitch, and beautifully coloured, illustrate 370 species, including a vast number of exquisite forms of Mosses and Seaweeds. FLORA OF NEW ZEALAND; being Part II. of the Botany of the Antarctic Voyage of HM Discovery Ships ' Erebus'...
Page 552 - BRITISH BEES ; an Introduction to the Study of the Natural History and Economy of the Bees indigenous to the British Isles. By WE SHUCKARD. Crown Svo, 16 Coloured Steel Plates, containing nearly 100 Figures, engraved from Natural Specimens, expressly for the work, by EW ROBINSON, and Woodcuts of Dissections, 10*.
Page 564 - Curtis's Entomology," which Cuvier pronounced to have " reached the ultimatum of perfection," is still the standard work on the Genera of British Insects. The Figures executed by the author himself, with wonderful minuteness and accuracy, have never been surpassed, even if equalled. The price at which the work was originally published was 43 16*.
Page 561 - Algse of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, and a Synopsis of all known Australian Alga:.
Page 551 - Those at present in use have been too much compiled from antiquated sources ; while the figures, copied in many instances from sources equally antiquated, are far from accurate, the colouring of them having become degenerated through the adoption, for the sake of cheapness, of mechanical processes. The present series will be entirely the result of original research carried to its most advanced point...
Page 562 - Second Series, 50 Coloured Plates, 4. 10*. This beautifully-illustrated work is the production of a lady who, being an accomplished artist, occupied the leisure of many years in accumulating a portfolio of exquisite drawings of the more attractive forms and varieties of British Fungi. The publication was brought to an end* with the 140th Plate by her sudden decease. The Figures aie mostly of the natural size, carefully coloured by band.

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