A Sociobiology Compendium: Aphorisms, Sayings, Asides

Delbert D. Thiessen
Transaction Publishers - Broj stranica: 151
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Many have seen the links between our minds and the universe, the common thread of our existence and the inevitability of our loves and hates. This book includes many demonstrations that our nature has been on the minds and lips of many - poets, play-wrights, philosophers, historians, novelists, kings, slaves, religious leaders, and the greatest of knaves. From Ralph Waldo Emerson to Arthur Schopenhauer, from Aldous Huxley to Arthur Conan Doyle, from Aristotle to William Shakespeare, the truths about ourselves have come tumbling out.
In A Sociobiology Compendium, Del Thiessen mines the richness of biological investigations of human behavior comparing current views of human hehavior with expressions by non-scientists who have, in one way or another, touched the evolutionary strings of men and women. He begins each section with a brief account of biological notions of human behavior. The book shows in astonishing ways how the earlier thoughts of men and women from all cultures anticipate the biological observations about our being. A Sociobiology Compendium will be engaging reading for all psychologists, sociologists, and biologists.

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Culture is in Our Evolution
The Nature of Man
Romantic Love Passion and the Price of Reproduction
The Dark Side of Human Nature
The Duality of the Human Brain
The Historical Depth of Culture
Creativity and the Pain of SelfDiscovery
Masters of Death
Trying to Go Beyond the Genes
The Depth of Our Knowledge
References to Our Past
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Del Thiessen is professor of evolutionary psychology at the University of Texas at Austin.

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