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Page 233 - Hushaby, baby, on the tree-top, When the wind blows the cradle will rock,
Page 10 - he took a bayonet, and pricking him a little, to see if life remained, left him with the assurance that this was only the payment for his butter ; and that wherever and whenever he found him, he should, in the same manner, take pay,
Page 10 - I shall be satisfied." But the other refusing, he began beating, kicking, and bruising the passive Pomeroy, still trying to induce him to defend himself, but in vain. At last
Page 4 - on a wharf at Halifax, he ships in a vessel with men, who, under the guise of fishermen, are little better than pirates. Landing
Page 5 - Elm Island, they insult the wife of Lion Ben, who inflicts upon them a merited chastisement, and adopts the orphan.
Page 113 - and I think we ought to do all we can to keep
Page 14 - with such violence that the blood gushed from his mouth and nostrils,
Page 332 - Who is our benefactress in the authorship of these books the world knows not. Sophie May must doubtless be a fancy name, by reason of the spelling, and we have only to be grateful that the author did not inflict on us the customary alliteration in her pseudonyme. The rare gift of delineating childhood is hers, and may the line of Little Prudy ' go out to the end of the earth To those oversaturated with
Page 332 - Little Prudy's Cousin Grace. Little Prudy's Sister Susie, Little Prudy's Story ęBook, Little Prudy's
Page 134 - and it was so still that you might have heard a pin drop.

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